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Protest About the New Website

Hi, fellow Medhelpers-

I just sent the following note to Emily_MHModerator in reply to her note to me ("Hi Mike - We did have to make updates - the site was seriously outdated . . . etc.):

Why did you have to change the forums? They worked fine before. Now they're a mess. For example, all those big blurbs that you stick in between people's replies. And the big invitations to reply, that have an icon and take up a lot of space. All that stuff makes it almost impossible to pay attention to the thread. You can't even call them threads any more because they're so cut up with all this nonsense.

And the worst thing about the new website is that I can't use my right-click mouse button to send a link to a new webpage or new tab. As soon as I right-click, it changes the current page to the link. That's just WRONG! There's no way to go between pages easily without a right-click context menu.

And despite all the promises to the contrary, the notifications were never fixed. The only notifications I receive are for private messages sent me. For new replies in a thread I'm watching I receive nothing. This alone reduces Medhelp's usefulness by 50% because no one has the time to go through the threads they've posted to looking for new posts every day or every hour.

The website had problems before. Now it has twice as many. You didn't need to change it, you just did it to give yourselves busy-work to justify yourselves.

Shame on you.

As you all can see, I'm rather ticked off about this. I can't use the forum in its present condition. And frankly, the loss of new post notifications a couple of years ago was one of the main reasons why I dropped out then. Now, with the loss of the ability to send a link to a new tab or new webpage, I give up. It's just too hard to use Medhelp. Life is too difficult and frustrating without adding this to it.


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Thank you Mike, I had forgotten about the notifications. :)
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