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Prove 3 - 24 Weeks and Forward

After meeting with my RN for the study they told me I was in ARM A or B but couldn't and wouldn't know for sure which ARM for sure until 12 more weeks when, if I'm ARM A, then I will be offered a roll over to Telaprevir (week 36) if I haven't already been on it for 24 weeks (as I believe) fom the beginning.

My question for the group of Prove 3'ers; how did you know the ARM you're in if not C or D? Seems no one knows outside of the the top secret folks at VRTX. The VL's will be available next week and that may shed light but it's still a guess. I already know that I was clear early due to my own research and independent testing.

Eric, yours seem obvious due to 1 week clearing but I assume you don't know for sure either...
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Interesting, but I don't quite understand. If you are indeed in arm A and have been clear since early on and are still UND at week 36, why would you roll over to Telepravir at that time? Doesn't Telepravir do it best work at the start of tx by bringing the viral load down quickly? Isn't Telepravir roll over offered only to those in the control group who have had a breakthrough or relapsed this time around?

Hope you are heading for SVR in either case. It will be interesting to hear your VL results next week. Be sure to post them.
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I know I was in arm B because I had side effects I never had before and the stopped at week 24.  At week 26, my test results showed that I was <30 at week 1.  The last time I treated with SOC, I had a 2 log drop by week 12.  The magnitude of this change is so great, nothing but Telaprevir could explain it.

Good luck and I eagerly await your results.

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Hi there.  The only way I knew was because I did not have the Ribavirin and the only group which didn't use Riba was in Group C.  So that's how come I knew I was in group C-no Riba.

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Thanks greatly for your responses! I feel like Eric that I've been on ARM B due to the rashes and results of tx that I've experienced and was relieved to stop the Telaprevir assuming that's what was causing the terrible rashes and itching that I've had. I will get my VL's next week and share and hopefully see something similar to Eric in results and conclude that I too am in ARM B.

Susan, I saw your results and feel certain with the Riba you would have been successful as I've indicated previously. Good luch to all of us and SVR
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