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If you had one thing that you could use to mark this period in your life...something that has been with you through out all of this, a journal, favorite box of bandaids, etc., what would you use.

Mine would have to be a big 64 ounce tanker that I use to drink these gallons of water that I crave everyday from.

I just thought it would be a interesting thing to put out here..then again, brain fog is rather dense today.
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You mean that have been with you during tx? I'd say my fridge full of meds or maybe my sharps container. Also my space age looking "Prove 1" Vertex cooler that I used to transport my drugs in.
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After I relapsed after first tx I waited a couple of months.  At the urging of my Tx doc (more like an order) I went off to get a consult from a liverhead at one of those large teaching/research university hospitals to get some guidance about what to do next.  When I arrived there I had to sign in like I was any other patient at the main reception area of the hospital.  It was a sign-in place for all clinics, not just Hepatology.  I had done some pre-registry but there were still a buch of forms, the wrist banding and, of couse, a check to write.  When all the forms were done and the admission rep told me where to go (a lot of people tell me where to go) I folded all the papers, put them in the folder I had and laid down the pen they provided.  It was then that I noticed that it was a promotional pen, furnished by Roache and printed all over with 'Pegasys and Copegus'.  The coincidence was so great that I pocketed the pen.  It's a souviner that I keep and keep tucked away as my reminder of my visit to the hospital. It's also one of the 'signs' that convinced me to change Pegs for tx#2.  Some might refer to it a a 'poison pen'
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I would have to say one of my dogs.  She's actually a wolf (Arctic- all white)
She went deaf about a year and a half ago,
and she always looks into my eyes for commands, guidance and security.
She seldom leaves my side.

She's old now, 14 and her legs hurt.  It's getting hard on her
to even get up and go poop outside. (Her pee she'll hold forever)
My son just left to go on tour and asked me to wait til he returns
and we will take her together for that final ride to the vet.  
My eyes will be the last she looks into.
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For me it would have to be the dust bunnies under all my furniture that I'm too exhausted to clean up.  I'm sure they will with me throughout treatment.
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OMG  That's too sad!!  
I wanna change my answer to my Florida Panther pajama pants!!!
Love Hockey!
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My dog (Shih Tzu) is 17 y.o. practically deaf (other than when I clap) and it seems now (past month) totally blind and limps badly from arthritis. He has been my shadow and best friend all his life.My constant companion. I'm gonna miss him so much. Like most of us here, I hope he just goes into his do-nut bed and sleeeeps. I don't wanna do that trip to the vet once again. Man, could any of us have fathomed (when we were young and thought we knew so much!)  the amount of losses we would have to experience in this lifetime. It's mindblowing. Believe me, I'm not jus talkin about our animals. Maybe I should get back on an a/d... ;}

The thing I will cherish most are the phone numbers of my friends here who have supported me and made me laugh and shared my pain...gave me strength when I get empty. Ahhh, what blessings.
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I would have to say hmmmm.....dont laugh aha, My "Tigger flannel pajamas" When I feel down I put them on for comfort and I feel warm and safe!

Boy has life changed from wearing "teddies to wearing "tigger"

and also the water bottle!!

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The sharps container is a good one...LOL...also the groovy little blue bag with all the goodies they give you from peggasist!..and don't forget the alcohol wipes...LOL

My Kids, my dog, my Faith...have helped me get thru so much during this time, and this message board and all the awesome people here...Thanks!!!
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This forum and the chronological history it holds through my worst of times and the best of times and one day I'll pull all those post to see where I’ve been… Why? Because it is one of the only places that all can let down their guard and express just how this journey has changes every aspect of our lives and shields our relationships from the ups and downs of treatment.

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Oh! and one other thing, my favoritest back lotion dispenser for those hard to get riba rash patches, lol!

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geterdone expressed it well ...the forum and the education  and support it has provided.  
this is for a POSITIVE memeory of TX?
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I love my dust bunnies too.  Yikes.
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They've become like family!
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Yes, it is definitely for POSITVE memories of tx...there wouldn't be enough room here for the negative ones.
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My dust bunnies all have names...and I've only been on tx for nine weeks !

I've learned how to knit.  Me !  Who loves hunting, fishing and camping.

Xen ~ I know what you're going thru.  Nestl'e (like the chocolate), is my first german shepherd dog.  I've wanted one since I was nine and I was thirty eight when we came together.
She's not as spry and sassy as she used to be, but the love is still there.

***In the arms of an Angel far away from here
From this dark, cold hotel room, and the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie
In the arms of an Angel; may you find some comfort here ***    Thank You Sarah !!
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gee, your post got to me, what a beautiful dog and what a great son...best of luck to all you...
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I thought it would be interesting to revisit this quiz 6 months later.  My dust bunnies are still with me ;-)   How about everybody else?  There's a bunch of people who started tx after this thread dropped off the page so I'm bumping it to the top so they can all chime in.

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Gold Bond will ALWAYS say 'ribarash' to me for the rest of my life and signify treatment.

Without a doubt! (But then, I have heard that I am like a gold bond salesman so maybe thats the real deal LOL).  I would have itched to death with out the stuff!
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gold bond and Sex and the City the complete series!
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my hair scrunchies falling on the floor...cause I dont have enough hair to hold them in place, and their all filled with hair! Yuckers! Hair all over my use to be white floors.
My Riba bottles on top of the fridge along with my used syringes in the Sharps container.
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one more thing:  THIS FORUM AND ALL OF YOU!!
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This forum...

Everything in my life has changed - some for the better, some for the worse... But this forum --- since the last part of my TX and the whole Post TX stuff --- was a constant.

So thank you all for being here.

It's amazing what this forum has done for new people - educating - understanding and just "listening"...

Humor and life --- all wrapped up into the words on this place.

It is a place I call home now.

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First of all my hubby, he took care of my 5 horses and 3 shepherds in the kennel. and me too.

second, my dwarf german shepherd who is 2 and their life span is not a guarantee at all also my house dog Blaze who has no hip sockets but one would never know.  The dwarf made me laugh on good days and Blaze laid by the couch (or on my chest) on the bad days.

third, my big window that I could look out at my horses and dream of a nice trail ride---we are trailering on Friday for that ride, YEA!!!!

I learned about patience.   and dust bunnies and shepderd hair was a nono.  Every other day I did run the sweeper and cook dinner just about every day.


P.S. That last trip to the vets ***** and I dread it every time.  My 37 year old pony will be the pits
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