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Random Question

I'm just curious......what is everyone doing with the coolers our meds come in??  And, since I am on VIC, I now have about 90 of those little bottles.  Before I just toss them in the trash, I thought I would ask if anyone had any creative ideas.  Perhaps tie them together and build a raft to sail to Bora Bora??  ;-)

Happy Christmas!  It is truly a blessing that so many of you have cleared this virus.  I'm right behind ya.
Hugs, Bee
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Your question made me smile, because when I first started getting the coolers, I kept holding on to them, not knowing quite what to do and loathing the idea of just tossing them into trash.  

It turned out that I found the styrofoam boxes had functionality.  I had about 5 coolers sitting in the closet when one day my husband discovered a feral cat decided to have a litter of kittens in our backyard.  I used the styrofoam boxes by cutting them and taping them and lining them with hay to make little outdoor cat homes -- lightweight, waterproof, and great insulation to keep the kitties warm.  At least when it was time to throw the coolers in the trash they were very well used.

The happy ending is that we kept of two of the kittens... and no, we did not name them Peg and Riba, though it was a thought. :)

Merry Christmas too all. ~eureka
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interesting.......waiiting for answers
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I am fighting global warming with them and hoping a white Xmas will be the end result!

Merry Christmas (or whatever it is you may (or may not) celebrate) to all and to all an SVR!!!

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Im was on incivek so no coolers but my problem has been since I am in a study I receive my interferon 4 months at a time, takes up most of the top shelf in the fridge and have to keep it up high due to 5 yr old nosey niece, but sailing to Bora Bora sounds like a good idea
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Want snow I will send you a truck load from my front yard, been getting hammerd in greeley CO and I'm tired of shoveling it
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Went looking for responses but MedHelp moved my thread to Hep C Social.  This IS still having to do with medical stuff, so I am kinda surprised.

Anywho.......thanks for answering!  Wow 4 months of Interferon at a time?  Yikes.  My supplies come in 2 coolers.  At first I was saving the ice packs but ran out of room.  Although now that I think about it.....they would come in handy in the heat of Bora Bora :)

Come on Victrelis people......help me out.  Enquiring minds wanna know....what do you do with your stuff?
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I was on incevik and my other stuff comes in the coolers, I have a bunch of them now all on the front porch, I would like to use them for something so giving them to my hubby to take to work so if any of the guys there want them they can use them for lunches or drinks..
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  Hi there Darlin!
   Hey...I actually put Christmas gifts in the styrofoam and remailed them with the dry ice...some brownies and cookies!  I try to recycle crap.  My mom even gets canvas shot bags monthly... she let me have them for gifting... I put make-up, lotions, body sprays some homemade earrings and necklaces in them as well as a hot glued little mirror in the top and gave them as gifts this year!  Because I was on tx...I got to regift the lotion and body sprays from this past year since they had too much alcohol and perfume in them. I had to really improvise this year due to little funds and little sanity.  

I hope this helps!
God bless you all and Merry Christmas!
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Hey Carolyn :)

Great idea!  Wish I had thought of that for gifts this year.  In October, I found someone who used the cooler for the kids' drinks at a Halloween sleepover.
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Oh wow Eureka!  Good way to recycle them.  I'm sure the MamaCat was happy to have it :)  Peg and Riba.  LOL!!
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I just gave up.  My garage was stacked with those coolers and I couldn't n find additional space to put them.  The freezer was stuffed with freezer packs.  Finally I just gave up and threw all of them in the dumpster.  And those cute little Victrelis bottles -- well, they go in the trash every night at 9:00.  I wish the companies would have been more responsible with their packaging but they do what they do.  I guess they thought 336 pills in a bottle (a 28 day supply) would be just too much for us to count out.  

I think you are right though -- they might make a good raft!

Hey horsepwrguy ---- did you hear about our white Christmas in Midland/Odessa?  It is the first one my husband can remember and he has lived here for 60 years!

eureka -- but, but -- Peg and Riba would have been perfect names!

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I just stopped by, haven't been here for awhile when I saw this post.  I took some of the Styrofoam boxes & ice packs to work to use as individual coolers during pot lucks.   Put the ice pack in and sat the dish on top, perfect for the items that shouldn't be left out all day at room temperature.  I put a couple in my trunk and used during the summer for frozen foods at the market when I wasn't coming straight home.

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Hey Frijole,

Yeah, I finally tossed the coolers.  But at least I have ideas now for the ones in the future.  Thanks :)
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Hi Stacie,

Love your ideas for the coolers!!  Thanks :)
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With the cooler my Vic came in, I use it when I travel on a plane. I put in some ice packs, my meds, and off I go. On my half way mark of treatment which fell on the winter solstice I had a fire outside at night in my fire pit and burned all the boxes I had collected so far from injections and Vic boxes. Not the plastic bottles, those I am going to line up on a log out in the woods and shoot them with a BB gun.   I will have another fire outside when I am finished with treatment in April and burn the rest of the boxes. It felt really good. My friends were there to cheer me on!

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Maybe y'all oughta make a classifieds post over in the Incontinence forum?

I used mine for mailing out fresh seafood.
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I get mine at the pharmacy and they keep it in the fridge there, glad I don't have this issue, I would forget to do anything with them...
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that is not far from the truth
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I also was going to save one for the summer/food shopping but all the others ive been trying to recycle. The victrellis bottles go in the recycling bin although Im not sure about the lids. The coolers have a symbol so I was thinking of going to a fed ex store and asking them. I know they collect peanuts. What good is it to have something recyclable if we dont know where to take them?
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hi bee.....i save saved all my meds....and the styrofoam boxes...i have lots of zofran left...lots of riba....procrit..interferon......i was so done with the incivek when i stopped i threw out all but one of them(had 5 days left)...i was hoping to give some of the other stuff to someone that needed it.... away...i just can't seem to throw them out...so soon i'll take them out and make a 2011 hepatitis art project out of them...something maybe to hang on the wall...the styrofoam i save for shipping stuff...better to use them over again...their great for reptiles..or dog food on a road trip...lots of things rather then send them to a transfer station...billy
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Hi there!  Thanks again everyone!  Loving these creative ideas :o)

Working Dog -- Wow, you are making great use of the coolers!  Reptiles.  Hmmm... ;o)   I had the same issue with the excess meds.  I gave them to my tx nurse, because she really helped me out in the beginning, when my meds did not get there until AFTER I started tx.  She said she keeps a stash for patients who may have similar circumstances.
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Hi again!  I poured out all my VIC bottles and tried to make a raft.  


Evidently, they make good cat toys!  But just one of two.  Also posted more pictures of the bottles to show what 4 months looks like.  And just think.....this is just the VIC.....there's also the RIBA......and I just did my 21st injection of Pegasys.  Yeah.  More medicine than an entire family would see in a year. No wonder we are all so fatigued. The bottles will be tossed in the recycling bin tomorrow.
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