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I am on week six of treatment, 180 mg Pegasys and 1000 Ribba, I have little sx(fatigue, nausau), but I do not experience rash yet.  I want to know how far into the treatment people experience rash.  Does anyone experience no rash at all?  Thanks for any response.
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I developed severe mouth sores in week 9. Had to get a Rx from the doc to calm this down. I still have periodic mouth sores but seem to be keeping it in check with Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash. I had the typical injection site rash up until week 11, then the/a rash spread to my back, shoulders, arms and legs. I am now in week 20 of tx. The itching was terrible and no OTC stuff worked. I tried it all, and then some...Witch Hazel rubs, oatmeal baths, olive oil. My MD did not think it was a rash from the meds, even though I am in a clinical trial with a protease inhibitor with Peg-Intron Alfa 2b and Ribavirin. I went to my family MD and was given a 2 week steroid treatment, Atavax and a Rx (topical steroid) at week 16 of tx. I also went to a dermatologist. She took a skin sample. I go back this week. The itching stopped, but the rash was still very pronounced. I aggravated my condition...when it itched, I scratched!!.. until the Atarax and steroids kicked in. I still have the rash, but it is not itching constantly. If the dermatologist has any new info I will share.
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i don't get rashes at all. but i also don't bathe as often, put on lotion, LOTS while wet.  I do have bad mouth ulcers. they wax and wane.
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No rash for me -- just the itchies...

And dry skin from heck.

But a lot of others did.

I oiled down with olive oil every shower - and used oatmeal baths, etc.

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Thanks for your reply
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I started getting just a small patch here and there, it would itch really bad, and of course in my sleep, I scratched, it became raw and from there it was on my back and belly mostly, where I do the shot are red spots for weeks. then turn dry.   I got steriod creame from dermatologist, and put that on when its itchy, then it drys out bad, and I put Eucerin on the dry spot, and it usually clears up, just to come back in another spot.   I am currently on week 32  / 49.    And will not miss that part of treatment.  ( or any other part, only the relaxing I get to do on the weekends )   Sometimes I feel and look so bad, I think I cannot handle this for much longer ) but I will not quit.... I am in for the full ride.  I am going to beat it this time.......
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Still figuring out how this posting stuff works. I saw my dermatologist and my skin sample came back as "asteatotic eczema/xerosis." We feel it was the riba-rash. I am disappointed in myself that I had not researched this fact more thoroughly (I am in wk 21/48 of tx!) and discussed this more thoroughly with my clinical nurse and MD (they said it was not a reaction to the meds). I have now got folliculitis (red bumps with pus-heads) on my arms and knees. I am taking an antiobotic and the redness and swelling are going down.
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