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Report on Hector

Just got done speaking to him. He is in severe pain and can't come to the computer to post. He has been bed ridden for a month due to severe pain and fatigue due to the treatment. He is extremely weak and due for a kidney stone surgery soon. Doctors are scratching their heads as to what his problem is. He is determined to finish treatment for 4 more weeks regardless of all the effects. He has been hospitalized twice since treatment in the ICU unit. He has been on Olysio, Solvadi and Ribavirin. They stopped the Olysio.

He said no one has done this type of treatment before. He will be done Nov. 21st. as far as treatment. One problem that concerns him is that he passes out without warning. He stated he never had this much pain before in his life, even after the transplant. He is currently on Norco for medication. Also having big problems sleeping because of the 24/7 pain wracking his entire body. He stated that this is torture of extreme measures. I feel very bad for my friend, but I know he is a survivor and his mind set now is that he is determined to go on in spite of this agony. Liver tests are fine.  ALT and AST are very low. He is having 20 blood tests per week. He also had a brain MRI, and there still is no answer yet.

I asked him what message he would like to give to the board. He said he will be back as soon as he can. Unfortunately, you can't contact him because he is bed ridden and can't get up to go online. Let's all say a prayer for our friend...

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Thanks Magnum for your update.
I am very sorry he's in so much trouble, another obstacle after another.
i am sure he will pull through this and wishing him to feel better quickly and of course SVR.
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Hang in there tough guy! Keep Keeping On...
Your friends are all here
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I posted on the thread above before I saw your update right below it.  I understand now, why he's in so much pain.  Post transplant, plus a kidney stone!  My gosh, that would do it to anyone!  Poor guy!  Tell him we're all sending him good thoughts, well wishes and prayers!
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So sorry to hear this bad news. I hope they get a handle on this.
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Thanks for the update on Hector. So sorry to hear he is in so much pain. I can't believe he has to have kidney stone removed now....he's definitely a fighter. He is in my prayers. Please tell him the community is wishing him the best and we send him tons of virtual hugs!!
Thx again
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Man that poor guy he just can't seem to catch a break!

Yes, please let him know we are all pulling for him and wishing him the best. We are sending our energies and healing force to San Fransisco with his name on it.

Get well soon Hector
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Poor Hector

Sending love an light his way! Sounds like he's got a whole lot of company in his hood tonight

Giants won the World Series and the City is a bit wild!
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Sound like Hector is having Kidney Stone problems.   Very painful.  
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My thoughts and prayers go out to hector. I'm Sure he will get through all this too. Toughest guy I have ever heard of.
Thanks for keeping us updated. They say stones are like child birth.
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Hector got me through my Solvadi and Ribavirin treatment.  I slept for 6 months...at least 18 hours a day.....almost had to have a transfusions because I kept passing out but I just hung in there....they started running kidney tests on me too.....

Hector was awesome getting me through this...one month out from treatment and I am UND and have one more blood test in 3 months to assure that I am SVR.

Hector has been through the mill but he is the strongest person I know mentally and he is on a mission.  Sending good vibes and prayers his way.  Am upset to hear he is in so much pain......this man means a lot to all of us....everyone will be thinking good thoughts and wishes for him.  
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Thanks for posting Hector's status.
I've heard that kidney stones cause the worst pain there is, but at least, if that "all" that it is, he'll get through it. So I hope that's what's causing the bulk of his problems.
Please, please keep us updated on how he is doing.  
There were times during my treatment a couple of years ago that he was the only ray of hope that got me through. Wish we could do the same for him.
I'm sure you'll let him know how many people are sending their hopes and gratitude for him.

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Wow!   Just saw this update.
So very sorry that our Inspiration and fellow friend is having trouble with Tx.
If only words could help lesson your pain.   You have been so invaluable to
so many of us and wish we could help you thru.
Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers and so hope this Tx will finally be the one.
Warm Wishes
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I am struggling for words since this news about Hector is so deeply emotionally felt.  Bad things do happen to such good people, and it is just the hell of it.  I was really hoping that the relative ease of side effects that many experienced with the new Tx would be visited upon Hector - not even close, so I am just crestfallen to read this news.  I look forward to hearing about his getting through this as he has always buoyed us to do in our turns.
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i'm praying for hector.  hope to see the next post that he's doing better.  belle
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Thank you so much for this update.
I knew he had been having problems just did not realize how bad it was.
I am so sorry Hector, everyone is thinking of you, praying for you.
Thanks again Magnum
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Magnum, many thanks for posting this update on Hector.  I am chiming in because I want to ask if Hector has tried acupuncture for the pain?  This is not a joke or an alternative weirdness.  They do open heart surgery in China using only acupuncture for anesthetics.  This is the only serious alternative to opiates that I know of for pain relief of severe pain.  You need a person well trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and preferably also Western Medicine, plus specializing in acupuncture.  I would think it possible to find a person like that where you are.  Many good ones have been trained i Beijing.  

I hope that this suggestion might help Hector,
All the best,
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I do not understand?  Why would they stop olyssio, when it has minimal side effects and keep him on ribavarin that will make him anemic and of course pass out?

I have been on everthing, with S&O being the magic cure. Clear of hep c as oh June 27th EOT.

However, the two drugs that almost killed me were interferon and ribavarin.  I even tolerated interferon better than ribavarin, which gave me severe anemia almost a blood transfusion and fibromyalgia as it striped all myelin from my nerves.

I know he's on top of things, he's helped me recently, and said some stuff that knocked some sense into me).  However, this does not make sense?  I wonder if the liver transplant forum knows more about ribavarin post transplant.  I'm a new person. Would you feel out of bounds to check for him, especially since he's done massive amounts of research for the group?

I hate that he is going through this.  I do know when I had my horrific reaction the 3rd time I did ribavarin, I could not move! Nothing took the pain away except stopping the medication.  It took six months before most of the pain was gone via diet and vitamins used for fibromyalgia.  

Thank you for the update. His one year post transplant is in 10 days!

Best, dbzc
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Thank-you so very much for the update on Hector i have asked a few people how he was doing. Hector i know you cannot get on computer at the moment but i just want to say my friend that i too are hoping and praying for you to get a break and start feeling better. Please just for once think of yourself and concentrate on getting better we all miss you. Love, Hugs& best wishes from across the water Jules xxx
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Dear Hector,

Hang in there buddy! We're all with you...sending prayers and wishes for your recovery.*** ****
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Spoke to Hector this morning. Yesterday, he had a kidney stone removed and came home this morning. As I’ve read, the ususal way to destroy a kidney stone now is with high intensity sound waves, but with his problems, they wouldn’t do that. Beyond belief when he said they had to go through the male organ, the bladder and so on to get to the kidney. He also mentioned he filled half of a urinal with blood after the surgery. Ouch...

However, he is stable now and said he is in less pain than he’s been in the past 6-7 weeks. He hopes it’s not just from the residual effect of the anaesthesia. He’s going to finish treatment in two weeks. He actually sounds in good spirits, but is still cautious. He said the doctors have yet to find out what the problem is with the severe pain throughout his entire body. Let’s hope he’s back soon and out of pain...

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I havent been here for a long time and I had no idea what was happening to Hector.  I thought he was doing good.  I am so sad about this news.  He has been a big support to me when I was waiting and waiting and waiting for treatment and explained alot of things to me that I did not undersand.  I am now in my 7th week of solvoldi and ribivarin and am anemic now and scared.  But when I see what he is going through,  I have to be grateful that I am not experiencing that kind of pain.  I am truly going to pray very hard tonight for him.  Hector we all care about you, so come back to us.  
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I'm so very sorry to hear this. ( We met a couple of times and I really enjoyed our time together)

I'm not him though I did have a transplant and really I was so drugged up I don't recall any post transplant pain.
What I know is my hepatologist wanted me to wait as long as my liver could,post transplant, before doing treatment.
I wonder why he began so soon.
That first year post transplant when one is most likely to have complications.
He's one tough cookie that's for sure !
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Thanks so much for the update..  While I am sorry for what he had to go through, I am happy he is feeling better since the stone was removed.
Take Care
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Just catching up on this thread now.  Sorry to hear that Hector has been suffering with a kidney stone, but so glad he's almost done with tx.
Prayers to you Hector!
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