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Riba rage and depression question

we have a family member who just started this protocol.  has been on 1x week shot and everyday oral meds for 3 weeks now.  Had serious riba rage at 2nd week, punched and pulled sons hair, call him horrible names.  Wife had to intervene, threatened to call police and then left.   Later reconciled, husband said he would get help, like anit depressants from doc, didn't do it.  According to wife, husband has suicidal thoughts after incident.  What do you suggest we as family members do?  now that act like nothing has happened.   we are concerned son will be hurt again, or husband will hurt himself.   Please, any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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He or someone else HAS to call his doctor and get him on antidepressants. This is VERY important for him and everyone around him.

He needs to understand that he is experiencing some of the most common side effects from the drugs and that he NEEDS medication to counteract these side effects.

Call the doctor NOW! This is very serious!
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Why can't they come up with better meds?, Iv'e been waiting 10 years for better treatment options and not one thing has changed!, Drug companies have stock in this poison and could care less about us!
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It has been called "riba rage" however I was fortunate enough to have a psychiatrist on my treatment team that specializes in treating those with chronic illnesses and particularly those wiith Hep C and he felt the mental impact of the treatment drugs were more from the interferon than the ribavirin.  

Regardless, the drugs are most definitely mood altering. While everyone seems to experience that, it is NOT common that people on Hep C treatment become physically abusive and suicidal.  Suicidal tendencies are a known risk of the drug but NOT a common side effect.  Many experienced hepatologists / treating GI's will send a person for a psych evaluation or at least take into account any history of depression or previous treatment for mood disorders prior to starting treatment.  I hope the doctor treating your family member is well-acquainted with the potential side effects of these drugs and is prepared to act to address what your family member is experiencing.  I'd be wanting to have them get assessed immediately to determine what medication may be required to deal with their mental state and have them carefully monitored ongoing, particularly if there was any kind of history of this prior. You would also have to consider discontinuation if the impact of these drugs continues to cause this family member such severe mental side effects and trauma. Such decisions to be made by consulting with a doctor who is experienced with Hep C treatment and it's side effects. You may also want to consider enlisting the care of a mental health professional who becomes part of this family member's treatment approach for the duration.  There is also research out there on this and Google searches with the right key words will bring you some enlightening information.

Good luck with this rather serious situation.

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Furthermore, if it helps this person, a great number of doctors choose to start their patients on anti-depressants prior to treatment as they take a little while to kick in.  Others choose to treat with anti-depressants as needed.  For someone who has not required any kind of medication for mood disorders, that can be a hard pill to swallow, pun intended.  However your family member should understand that it's the drugs that are altering his mental faculties and it needs to be addressed the same way any of his other side effects get addressed.  It's a temporary thing.  Only once in my life did I ever take medication for depression and only for a short time.  I didn't need any anti-depressants while on treatment but after treatment was done, I plunged into a very dark and brutal depression and I did go on medication then.  It was so severe that I had to keep pictures of my children out in prominent places to keep me grounded on why I needed to hang in there. It was dark, painful and terrible but I eventually got through it.  I was on those meds for four months and was then able to go off them as things improved and now have recovered completely from that episode.  

There are many people on treatment who need these drugs for a short time to counter-act the impact of the treatment drugs and I hope your family member gets assessed and treated for any kind of mood alteration that's occurring.
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In addition...you might want to post something like this on the other side to get more responses.  As you can see on this side, it can have more to do with sharks/Sharks and toilet paper than Hepatitis. :)
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He really should start on anti depressants as soon as possible.

Maybe it would be a good idea to get him on this forum... but in the Hepatitis C one. It feels really lonely to have this disease and not have anybody who knows what you are going through. If he sees that lots of us are here helping each other, he may be more willing to get the help he needs. Lots of men think they should have enough will power to beat depression... that is untrue, and he needs to know that.

As far as family members stepping in........ if my sister hadn't stepped in to help me when my ex got violent, I'd be dead right now. If more family members stepped in, there would be more shame on the part of the person doing the hurting, and maybe they would get the help they need faster.

Just my thoughts..
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