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SF Biz Times "Gilead has the Cure"

Fourteen months after buying a small biotech company with a promising hepatitis C treatment for $11 billion, Gilead Sciences Inc. is on the cusp of seeking approval for a potential cure.

But even with the drug’s accelerated pace, some say, Foster City-based Gilead is leaving behind an important player: patients with the debilitating and potentially deadly virus. Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. and a handful of vocal patients say the cure could arrive more quickly if Gilead cooperated with its competitor.

“I get that it’s all about their profit,” said Margaret Dudley, a San Antonio woman with hepatitis C who has launched ...
This is all I can see of the Article or I have to pay 59.00 for subscription but this just was published in weekly "San Francisco Business Times"

Would like to see whole article but can afford the 59 bucks.

Anyone subscribe to SFBIZ?
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So Sorry, just opened article from my laptop and See "Gilead Reaches for a cure"  Big difference, darn I phone, still can't see whole article but nothing new in this info.  I was hoping some results have come out.
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Here is the rest of Gilead Article.  I tested and it worked in my lap top.  Complete article is an informative read. Recommend you try to open it.
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Very interesting.  Thanks.

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i was able to copy/paste and read article w/o no problem
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Margaret Dudley only has 4000 signatures on her White House Petition. Please everyone sign it. We are one of the most vocal groups for supporting the fast tracking of Gilead's new drugs. We only have until March 20th to get 100,000 signatures. That's the amount required for the Whit4e House to even look at it.
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This is the same old misinformation that has been floating around for almost a year. New developments with other drug combinations has made this early trial ancient history by now. Many of us have been cured with Sofosbuvir without Bristol Myers Squibb's daclatasvir. Bristol is using its own drugs along with peg-interferon and ribavirin in trials to create they own therapies for hep C.

But this is a business paper owned by a national chain of business papers that advertises to local businesses. It is only available in news stands in the financial district here is SF. One reads anyway unless your company buys it for their employees and it is free.

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