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gong xi - chinese
félicitations -french
Glückwünsche -german
Gelukwens -dutch
parabéns -portuguese
поздравления -russian
congratulations -norwegian
omedetou japanese
mubarak ho - urdu
badai ho - hindi
Yay, Lynn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Can we get a like button? lol
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That's great news.  So happy for you.  
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Congratulations welcome to our svr ♣ club so happy for you.
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Like button, that is funny! I think there is one in the new format LOL
Lynn I am so very very happy for you.  You worked so hard and so long my hat is off to you.  I am getting my old red dancing shoes and and celebrating for you.  This information brings tears to my eyes.  After such a long hard road, you have done it!! WOO HOO
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While I am hunting for red shoes to join Dee in your happy dance, just wanted to say, if I didn't at 12 weeks, now take that last step up onto the Dias and receive your Dragon Slayer Supreme Insignia!

Welcome to Hep C Free Country - not an easy place to reach but well worth the trip!  (BIG Smiley Face!)

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Thanks everyone!!!


Because I'm Happy!!!!!
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We are all so very happy for you!!  I wish I could play the Rocky song for you my friend
My best to you.  Also very nice to see everyone here wishing you their best.  I have missed this forum very much, so happy to be back!
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Rocky Theme Song:

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Found th elike button lost the best answer button Hummmmm
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Great news! So happy for you after all the times you were wondering when this nightmare will end... Happy the rest of your life...

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How wonderful!  I am so so happy for you!  Gone for good for sure!   Celebrate big time!  I got my SVR12 11/24 and have my 24 week labs early Feb.  I am so thrilled for everyone!
That is fantastic news Sue! Congrats!
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Fabulous Lynn.
More confirmation your forever cured.
Tnx for going thru this journey with me!
The reward was so worth the effort.
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