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SVR 24!!!

Finally!  35+ years of the dragon. 17 years of knowing he was dragging me down.  4 treatments later...cured.  I am overwhelmed and having trouble processing this news I've been waiting for.  My mind is on all those moments and experiences that we all have had with the virus.  So so so grateful, yet numb.  I knew it was likely at the 12 week SVR but due to my treatment history and cirrhosis waited for this to be my big moment.  I see the doc tomorrow for review of all my labs and ultrasound and can't wait to hear things officially from him.  Did anyone else have a reaction like this?  

Trust me, SVR 24 has been my prayer and hope and I am very grateful my doc and insurance didn't give up on me!  
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Awesome news! Congrats!

My story is much like yours. I had hep c for 37 years and was a 3 time null responder to interferon based treatments and relapsed after 12 weeks of Solvaldi/Olysio. I was diagnosed with cirrhosis in Jan 2008 and was beginning to doubt I would ever be cured and would die from liver disease.

I was SVR 24 in October but even now it is still hard to say or type I "had" hep c vs I "have" hep c

Yay for all of us who have waited so long, worked so hard, and hoped beyond hope for so long we would live to see this day!
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Great news Sue!!!!

Congrats and best wishes for a life not centered on illness or treatment. Get out and have some fun in the big outdoors!

~ Linda
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WOW!!!  Congratulations!  Yes, I expect many of us had the same experience.  I know that I did - even now over a year after last treatment, I still wake up and pinch myself, sometimes.

Now, as one of the early and veteran Dragon Fighters, it is time to tell you up on to that dais and receive your Dragon Slayer Supreme Insignia!  

When does the Happy Dancing start I am getting out my dancing shoes now!

Blessings, Pat
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WOW!  I just saw this! Congratulations to you, I am so very happy to see this news.  What a long hard fight
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Congrats !!!! Incredible isn't it...I had a very similar reaction when I got my SVR results after doing a SOC treatment for 24 weeks in 2012.
Extremely happy for you...
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