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Hi All,
Just got that magic call: 6 month post tx tests came back UND! Its over for me, the feeling is unbelievable, I feel like I crawled out of a dark, dank cave and the sunlight is warm and wonderful...I wish the best for everyone on this site.
For those who are considering tx and those already on, I will post my stats:
Relapser, about 7 years ago, 1A, CT, start tx with 8 million, treated with Peg, riba, incvk, only had to do 24 weeks. Was UND at week 2, 3, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, and post tx 1 through 6 months to SVR. Had very bad sides but no rash. My hgb dropped to 7.4 around week 13 and went on Procrit, also had a dose reduction of riba and finally stopped it completely for about 3 weeks. When my hgb came back up I went back on it and finished tx, (apparently stopping riba had no affect on out come)
Good luck to all of you - Fred
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Congrats Fred!  Fantastic news
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Great news fred... Enjoy and stay well!


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Hooray for you! I know you must be thrilled to bits! I'm happy for you!
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Great news Fred, I'm so glad to know that the Rib interruption had no bad affect on your outcome!
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Good news.  Thanks for the update.  
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Right on Fred!! You won Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hurray! Congratulations.
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very happy for you.  that's fantastic news!  belle
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nice going fred!....enjoy svr......billy
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Thank you for your well wishes!
I posted this comment yesterday on the regular Hepc site and within a couple of minutes, I got a message saying they had moved it to Hepc social site. Does anyone know why they moved it? I wanted to give people on tx some encouragement and inform all the friends I have made on the "normal" location. Thanks - Fred
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Now that is some exciting news!  Fred, I don't think they should have moved this post but it is at the point now that I find I have to check both sites frequently -- and now a cirrhosis site as well -- oh boy!

Again, the very best to you.  You deserve it.

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1st off, CONGRATULATIONS on your SVR!!!!

2nd of all, You CAN give people that are beginning treatment, thinking about treatment, in the middle of treatment... and people like me who is 8 weeks post treatment and wondering how my 3 month post treatment test is going to go a lot of hope and encouragment...    I dont post much anymore because I cant figure out the method to medhelp's madness.  However, I do read a lot jumping back and forth.  
Im just glad that I didnt have to try and figure it out during treatment.!!  To me it is all medical information.  Why else are we all here anyway!    
Best wishes to you and your new hep-c LIFE!!
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Thank you so very much for sharing, Congratulations, this is wonderful news!
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Congrads ! Thank you, for sharing the wonderful news.
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The very best report that a hep treater could have. You are free free free. Live healthy...Live happy...CONGRATULATIONS!
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That is really wonderful news! What a relief for you, thanks so much for sharing with us... Happy Life!
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Another great success story.Good for you.It's over for you.I have to wait till Sep for my 6 mon follow up.Hope it's the same as yours.I was UND after 3 weeks after stopping 3x tx.I just recently found this forum.Are there any more on this site besides hep c community?I've been missing a lot.
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Congratulations on attaining SVR. I am so very happy for you.
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Yipee Fred. Good news for you. ;-)
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You'e got your wings so fly high and enjoy.
May your future be filled with health and happiness.


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  I love this Post.  I never knew how depressed I had been all those years with Hep C, until I got that Undetected lab test.
    This is great news, congrats on arriving in SVR-Land!
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Congratulations on achieving SVR! Enjoy a long healthy life being hep c free :)
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Ohhh that is just amazing news!  You have had a long  hard journey but you beat it!!!!   Right on!!!  Yes, you do give hope with these news!
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congrats!!  enjoy your hep c free life.  best wishes.  belle
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