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SVR for Dee - Incivek, Peg, Riba

Hello to all my friends and family.  You have been my main life support for a very long time.
I am very happy to tell all of you that I just received my results back 6 months post tx and I am SVR
I am so happy that I am crying as I write this to you, the most wonderful group of people it has ever been my honor to meet.
I came here afraid and feeling alone after I relapsed from my first tx New Years Eve 2009, you all  jumped in to help me.
You lifted me up supplied me with information, made me a part of this wonderful forum.
I have not felt such unconditional compassion, love, understanding in a very long time and I will forever be grateful
Thank you all so much.
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YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEHAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best news I am so happy for you I have tears of my own. I know how scared you were and how hard you fought against all sorts of stuff - you did it girl you did it!



Love you Love Deb
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Wonderful news Dee!  Wonderful news
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Oh my goodness!  That is wonderful news.  Congratulations!
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Yeah Dee!  What wonderful news to read today.  So very happy to hear.  My body is tingling with joy for you.  Enjoy the moment and hope you have a healthy life.  
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Congrats and have a wonderful future : )
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Woweee Zoweee ! This is wonderful news.
You didn't have an easy go of it but you made it over that SVR line.
I am so happy for you, I barely have words~ guess it's time to get out the red dancing shoes.
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you've been an inspiration to a lot of people here.  i hope you continue to tune in now and then.  thanks for all your support to us all. belle
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Aw Dee, I'm so happy for you! Hooray, hurrah and cheers! You really deserve this wonderful outcome, and I hope you live happily and healthily ever after.
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Right on Dee!! Good for you, and those who care the most for you. Its been a privilege to watch your progress while on tx. Thanks for chiming in, and don't go away!! "we"need to stick together and help those following behind us. The Dr's help all they can, but nobody knows the sides like we do. Congrats!!
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WOW!  I am so happy for you!! Your success gives us hope as we also await our results :) And for those of us that dont reach SVR with this new med, you also give us hope to carry on for the next round of drugs that are coming out.  you are a true testament of the courage to persevere.  Thanks also for being treatment buddy to so many of us here!  Hip Hip Hurray!  
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alright dee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  wow this is great news hep friend...really good news...have fun...billy
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Nicely done.
Lots of health and happiness for the future.
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Congratulations Dee! Ihavebeen waiting to hear this, I am just so happy for you, You did a great job!!

Enjoy a happy, healthy life being HCV free!

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So happy for you!
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Yay Dee! Congrats on attaining SVR!! You overcame so many obstacles. Just reading posts about how people felt so bad yet stuck with it encourages me. Way to go!!
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You must feel so good.  Have a great future : )
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Fantabalistic!!!  I thought this occassion might deserve a new word :0)  This is awesome and the best kind of news to hear, for those who have not made it the 1st time around.  Because of these new drugs, because of your success, meds on the horizon will only get better and better.

Really, really, really happy for you Dee!!
Blessings & Hugs,
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  Ahh, now yr making me cry, that is such wonderful news!  You had a rough time of it, and now you have made it to SVR, so it has all been worth it.
   I agree with you, the people on this Forum are
extemely sweet ans special people, what would we have done without this Forum??
   You deserve all the happinessin the world, and you are one of THE sweetest people on this Forum, so dont go forgetting aboutus now~
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I was away yesterday and came back this morning,  I am overwhelmed by your responses
I have to say you all are some of the most important people in my life.
I have never had the camaraderie that I have with all of you

I feel honored to know each and every one of you.  You are a blessing in my life.  

I had a small lump removed from my knee yesterday, not sure why the incision had to be so big :)  I won't be on line much today however I hope to be back as I feel better

I love you all
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I can feel you thru the message!
Now its a New Life! Go Live!
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Congratulations on your fantastic news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm thrilled for you.

Stay well,
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You've got your wings.
I don't have to ask if you're flying.
I can't imagine how happy you must feel.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful news.

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Congrats on your SVR Dee!! Well done.

all the best,
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Late to the party, But... here I am. Congrats Dee, you earned it..:)
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