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SVR - thank you Medhelp posters :-)

Thank you to all you wonderfuly compassionate like-minded souls for giving me the information and encouragement that got me through the treatment.

Early cirrhosis, 2nd time tx'g (first time 1993),  G3,  July 2008 did 180 Peg 1000 riba for 6 months;   a mini-marathon by comparison to many, but a marathon that I wasn't sure I could endure.    

I have just realised that I can make a 5 year plan without a shadow hovering over it and am humbled by the gift I have received.    ALT 24 AST 22.     It will take sometime to sink in;  I have lived with this since 1984.   Thank you all xx
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YAY!!!! I am so happy for you dear friend. You were such a good friend during tx and I still remember your funny stories.... You had such a great sense of humor dragging yourself around the house etc.

I am so so happy for you, you are an inspiration to all of us.

Lots of love from Indonesia...

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547836 tn?1302832832
HELLO!  That's truly beautiful news.  We are all so happy for you.  HUGE CONGRATS!
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362971 tn?1201987034
Yeah. I knew you would do it. Congradulations. Heres to a long and wonderful life.

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Avatar universal
Yeeeaaaah! Great going! Congratulations, Kristina!
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548668 tn?1394187222
Wow, thanks so much everyone;  what a nice gathering at the end of the course :-).

Epi - at the finish line for me, right where I will be for you - sending prayers

CA - couldn't have done it without you, and who would've guessed we both got here!!

Smaug - doing the l-o-n-g haul, and not doing it easy; thoughts and prayers;  I so want to hear the SVR bell ring for you, and look forward to hearing that you're counting down to EOT xxx

Wilful - not too far behind, come on girl - waiting for you!

Charm - letting me know all the way what was ahead; so glad you're giving me a lift to the ball :-)

Lapis - paving the way for G1's; so looking forward to hearing your breakthrough results xx

ChildAngel - Mum to us all, I cried more for you than for any of us, and your compassion still shines through for us, thank you.

MikeSimon - researcher extrordanaire - when you chime in an add such value, thank you

PAnn - in another life we were birds IN the same nest; perhaps why we still fly on the same wavelength

JD - thanks for your humour and down to earth support here; hope you are doing well :-)

LL - your posts have been such a highlight, and you were never too busy to chuck a PM my way when I was panicking  - thank you

Izzy - we don't talk much but I watch, and hope, and enjoy your threads; you've done so very well, and can't wait until you finish xx

Pilgrim - hehe - I'm sure I remember you in 1969 - didn't we meet somewhere?

GD - get your brain out of your crotch - hehe - I just DON'T KNOW where you get this stuff from... Do you have a book of catch quotes, they just can't come out of your brain;  I'll PM you about what they think my future holds :-)

Rocker - how do u know me so well - one of my most favorite songs, thank you

SQueen - you could've been here, but I'm glad you did the extra;  hanging in for you now

And Brent - you answered one of my first panicky posts and have had me in giggles, late at night when the whole Southern world was asleep throughout tx.  You take miles and turn them into milimetres with your words and humour, (but have yet to put NZ on TOP of the world).  thank you xxx
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338734 tn?1377160168
Makes my day!! Best of everything to you in the years to come.

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559277 tn?1330618739

I think about you often and this is the best news in the world!  

Hope you're staying all nice and toasty warm.

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Avatar universal
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92903 tn?1309904711
That's such great news. Whoooo hoooo down under - which is different than "Whooo hooo down undies...." that's something an Eskimo yells at Christmas....

What do your medical folks say about your future from here?

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619930 tn?1260374254
Such wonderful news for you, especially, and all of us as fighters.  Your seniment to the forum reminds me of "Days" by Raymond Douglas Davies.  Have fun at the Red Shoes Ball and "Don't Forget To Dance."

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412873 tn?1329174455
Yay!!!!!  Congratulations to you.

Thanks for sharing the good news.....reminds us why we are fighting so hard.

All the best,

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250084 tn?1303307435
Thrilled for you Kristina! You struggled with tx, it's like AA......one day (week) at a time, lol!

Just PM'd you!

Happy, happy day :)

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That is wonderful news.  I'm thrilled for you.
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I swear to you, Kristina, that just as I read your wonderful news, my cardinal flew to the feeder. And he's been so shy lately.

I honestly feel like grabbing the next plane to New Zealand to give you a real hug.

Thank you for having your head in such a beautiful place. Your constructive, thoughtful and insightful words have been a consistent source of strength and encouragement to me.

I don't want to lose you, so if it's cool with you, let's also get together for coffee in beautiful NZ.

I'm happy as larry for you and looking forward to a real yack.

Good on ya, mate!

Best regards,


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Congratulations on your fantastic news!
Stay happy and stay well.
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Congratulations, Kristina!  I can just imagine what that feels like, to have the shadow lifted, to be able to make that 5-year plan.  Good for you!  

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276730 tn?1327962946
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Red Shoes!! Mabye more than one pair!!!!!

The red ball it is! Im so happy I am in tears! Wishing you the very very verry very best!

The number of people that SVR'd the past couple of months is so great!

Kristina, enjoy your health and dance dance dance!!!!

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543518 tn?1245322027
Oh Kristina, I'm so happy for you.  That is such great news for you, your family, and for the world!!!
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238010 tn?1420406272
Fantastic news, congratulations!!!  Always great to hear about another SVR!
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388154 tn?1306361691
WOW !! Kristina you too big big, congratulations my dear fellow geno three girl and fellow relapser asweel we both homefree abd Charm too HALLELUJA!!

I saw your note thx for good wishes I\m in a liberary in Trondheim from saturday to thursday I`m gonna stay in a hotell were there is internet can be in more then .

I wish you the very best in life .

Take care !!

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Duh!!  I forgot that I had to spell my name incorrectly when I first signed up and cos I'm not on my own computer I had to type my name in and used the proper spelling and not the incorrect spelling, if you see what I mean...

Anyway, congrats again.  So happy for you, so inspired by you, and so proud of you!

Much love!

Epi xxxxxxx
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OMG!!  That is such wonderful news, the best news I have heard since you went und!! I'm sitting here with tears of joy running down my face, you did it, you did it. you did it!!

Btw. this is Epi. I'm in California and I can't log into my account (silly medhelp keeps telling me I have an invalid name or password - hurrumph!) so I had to make a new account just to congratulate you!

So, CONGRATULATIONS!!  I have to shout cos Cali is a lot further from North Shore than Mt Albert!  I am so deliriously happy for you and can only imagine the amazing feelings you are experiencing.  You perservered and you prevailed, you are WONDERFUL!  Welll done my dear friend!!

Coffee date soon?!

Epi xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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