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Haven't been around in a long time; just wanted to add another SVR to the list. Best Birthday present ever!
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This is fantastic news. Congratulations!
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Congratulations!  Great news.  Enjoy your new journey because this one is Over, out of here, finito! Wahoo
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Always a nice post to read congrats and have a happy birthday
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I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how you are.
Congratulations! Very happy for you.
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This is awesome news!!
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congrats!  great news.  belle
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Happy Birthday and Congrats!
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That's got to be the best birthday present.  Congrats and don't worry be
happy :).
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Happy Birthday ! Congrats!
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Congratulations! Enjoy living hep c free!
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Way cool Dawn..... Enjoy
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Thanks to all, and Rivil, I am doing well. My WBC are still pretty screwed up and I keep getting sinus infections but other than that life is good.
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  Awesome Birthday news!!  I'm sorry to hear about your problem with sinus infections. I noticed many others having this problem after Treating.
   I did have a respiratory infection all of January myself.
Pay special attention to your diet, have you asked your Doc why your WBC's are still low?   I know certain foods enhance the immune system, stuff like grape-fruits and Kale, usually the bitter foods, that dont tast so great. And the probiotic foods, such as home-made sauer-kraut, miso soup, the ferments~
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great news dawn.  Thanks for sharing
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What a great Birthday gift....best one I could think of.  Congratulations to you and another one SVR'd.....awesome Dawn!
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