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Sexual Health and Obesity

Scary stuff indeed another reason to be healthy.

Study: Obese Women Have Less Sex, More Babies
CBS News - Aina Hunter - ‎21 minutes ago‎
(CBS/AP) Overweight women are having less sex and more babies,
according to a study released today. Sounds like a contradiction, but
French researchers in the British

Medical Journal explain that obese women - those with a body mass ...

Study: Obese Women Have Less Sex, More Babies
Obese Women Have Four Times as Many Unplanned Pregnancies, Men 10
Times More Likely to Get Disease

Obese women are having less sex and more unwanted pregnancies,
according to a study released today.

Sounds like a contradiction, but French researchers in the British
Medical Journal explain that obese women - those with a body mass
index greater than 30 - report having fewer sexual partners and less
sex in general, but were less inclined to seek out contraception or
talk to their doctors about reproductive health.
The study found obese women were less likely to use oral
contraception, and more likely to rely on less effective birth control
methods, such as withdrawal. Not surprisingly, the obese women
surveyed had four times as many unplanned pregnancies.

Dr. Sandy Goldbeck-Wood, a specialist in psychosexual medicine at a
London sexual health clinic, said physicians must talk to obese women
about birth control. "Doctors need to get over their own embarrassment
and ask the difficult questions," she said.

Goldbeck-Wood was not involved in the study but wrote an accompanying
editorial in the British Medical Journal.

Researchers found that obese men didn't do well either. During five
years of the study, they were 10 times more likely to catch a sexually
transmitted disease than their thinner counterparts and more than
twice as likely to have problems with erectile dysfunction.

To get their results, experts interviewed nearly 10,000 French men and
women aged 18 to 69 about their sexual experiences and analyzed the
results based on their Body Mass Index (BMI).
People with a BMI of 18-24 are considered to have a healthy weight.
Those with a BMI of 25 or above are considered overweight, and people
with a BMI of 30 or more are classified as obese.

In the United States, two thirds of the population is considered
overweight or obese, according to Reuters.

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It's interesting but I haven't anything to add.................which may very well be the Best Answer.............................or not.

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Well I think it is rotten!!!

Overweight people catch it coming and going.

Imagine the generation that is growing up today. You see a teenager with her mom and she (or he) is fatter than her mom. Our generation... we were slim and our mom wasn't. (I'm talking Baby Boomers here) It's like we are out of control.

The worst part is once you've gained all that weight, it isn't as easy as just stopping the habit that caused it. It is an addiction.

I guess all this means that we are in for a real population explosion in the next 20 years if things don't change.
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Sex and babies, sex and babies, jeez its getting harder and harder for me to come here and read...... Come on deb lets get out of the gutter........... Ok?

:) Candyman
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Cando maybe we can get back into the gutter that is the most fun place for us after all!

I agree with Diane here - if they can't stop the symptom of the disease (and it is a disease overeating, just as much as alcohol over consumption or prescription drug taking) what does that mean for the kids who are now growing and having diabetes as little children because they are living in a land of supersized everything?

Says me who just finished eating lasagna for lunch.  Yeah not as easy as it seems. The world goes faster and faster and more out of control each day.

But yes Mike you get the best answer because you do know when to shut up unlike me!  ;)
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"Obese Women Have Four Times as Many Unplanned Pregnancies"

Would that be a four-fold increase?
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And then, there are these women that don't believe in birth control.., believe me I've met several of them.  I know of one women who got married immediately out of H.S., immediately like a month after the wedding, got pregnant and every year since then, has been pregnant. I'm not kidding.  She's had 6 or 7 kids now and 3 miscarriages and she's still in her 20's.  On a couple of her pregnancies she had some 'high-risk' issues and yet, she still does not believe in birth control.  Her mom had 9 kids and didn't believe in it either.  Then, you hear about these shows where this women has given birth to 19 kids?  I, quite frankly, don't get it!  But, I guess it's 'to each her own', so to speak.   I do think that if you don't have the financial means to support that large of a family that it is unfair to the children to have to do without their basic necessities.  Susan400
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