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Shot 45

Taking shot number 45 tonight...3 more to go. Lung Dr. says my lungs are getting worse, put me on a abutoral machine and other inhalers. Can't wait to get off this medicine. 3 more. My tongue an lips still have the sores, it is so hard to eat it burns everytime, but I eat it anyway...lol I have learned to enjoy even with the pain. God bless us all. To the end and beyond
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Hang in there. U will get thru this. I sm praying for u
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What a trooper you are. Again, your weeks go by 3 times faster than mine. HA   Good job. You are almost there girl.
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Sorry to hear about all your difficulties-----Please hang in there-----you're so close------I know you can do it Patches :-)
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Hi patches, I think those last few weeks just drag out the longest. I know time doesn't slow down but it sure felt like it did.  So close.  You are almost there.  Sure hope the breathing gets better quickly post tx.  Oxygen is important.
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Dear Patches, you are on my mind every day.  You are my hero, you have been through so much and continue on with the fight.
I really admire you.  Oh, I bought the Ovation seems to be helping, I have tiny hairs all over my head
My very best to you dear Patches.
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patches, you're so close to the end now.  hang in there.  you can do this.  i'm rooting for you.  best wishes.  belle
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Hey sweetie, we are all rooting for you, cheering you on
All my best to you
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Three more shots, that is great. I will be praying for you, and imagining you flying down the highway on your Honda, heading towards SVR-Land.
   The Albuterol machine never helps me much, for some reason. Make sure you drink extra water after your Albuterol treatment, becuz it is dehydrating~
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Rooting for you too. Hang in there.
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hi patches....you must be excited looking at just 3 more shots!!!!
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Hey there, yep, me again.
I don't know if this would help or hinder however when I was pregnant and could not take anything for bronchitis vicks vapo rub really seemed to help
I am using it now for a bad case of bronchitis which made me think of you
Hope you are doing better.  Running a vaporizer at night can help as can sitting in the bath with hot shower running.  Just trying to think of things I have tried.
I hope something is working for you
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