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Side ..I really didn't expect this one..

......I am no longer invisible...

My Husband hates the way I drive. He has been telling me for many years that I'm going to get a ticket if I keep driving the way I do but I do all the driving every time we go anywhere cause I get there quicker. I have always told him "I'll never get a ticket cause I'm invisible and the cops can't see me..."

I drove my cousin to the airport this morning and got a ticket doing 62 in a 35.

I had to call and tell my Husband he laughed at me. I hope I go back to being invisible after I'm off the meds.

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And I thought this was going to be a good 'visible'... You should try get hold of Frodo's ring for the duration of tx.
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I always I had police super sensers!  I don't!  That is abig ticket!

Charm got pulled over not to long ago,  she was so embarrassed!  She didn't get a ticket, but we wrote a journal about it.  

Wasn't a good moment!

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Lately I've been accused of making jokes in serious threads, so now maybe I'll be serious in a thread that may not have a serious intention. But so be it :)

This may not pertain to you since it appears you've always driven let's say fast -- but over the years there have been several accounts of erratic/forgetful driving as well as accidents because of the treatment drugs.

These threads have made me cringe because in most cases the people posting the accounts make no mention that they have decided to stop driving until they are off the drugs.

Anyone who feels their ability to drive a car is signficantly impaired by the treatment drugs should not drive and make other transportation arrangements. It's really not a joking matter as it's been here in the past.

But again, "Fl's" story appears a bit different in that there was no mention that the speeding was because of the treatment drugs.

-- Jim
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I stopped driving except for lab and GI apts,  seriously, I am to brain fogged to spacey.

i now have a hubby called chaufer, I hate it, but it is safer.
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Jim...you are so very right about safety..

It's ironic because since the gas prices are so high I have lightened my led foot so much recently that my husband was even a bit surprised. My ticket didn't have much to do with brain fog...just my eagerness to get rid of my cousin as we are polar opposits....she is bi-polar...and I'm on Riba. She has been on my last nerve since March.

Tks for your words of wisdom...

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i drive to work and home and thats it!  i hate it because i drove back and forth to my mom's at least once a week and now i have to ask someone to drive because i dont feel comfortable driving on the expressway, and if anyone know philly they know the "SkuykiLL Expressway".  i also changed my hours at work so i am not driving in rush hour.  
did i forget to say how much fun TX is!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I sold my car way before tx, because already then I could not trust my driving anymore... and then I ended up in bed most of the time... I've practically been in bed since February. Still a long way to go and just the road taxes and car insurance would cost about 500 USD to have the car sitting on the road getting rusty. My husband drives me places, when he is there.
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Driving on TX - yes, we must be careful.  

On my first treatment I managed to drive into the back of a car that was parked on the side of the road and push it all the way up the curb and into some one's front garden.  I managed to total their car, and mine.  Essentially I misjudged the distance between the parked car and the side of my car as I drove past.

Yesterday I found myself driving on the wrong side of the road, into the oncoming traffic.

I am usually a very good driver but these drugs definitely affect my concentration, perception and timing, because of this I limit my driving to work and back.

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Did you get that ticket just on the approach road to Orlando airport?  Because they sit there all the time these days.

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"My ticket didn't have much to do with brain fog...just my eagerness to get rid of my cousin as we are polar opposits....she is bi-polar...and I'm on Riba. She has been on my last nerve since March. "

I laughed pretty hard when I read this, just at the logistics here.  I can't begin to tell you the potential scenarios you might have faced that are dancing through my brain.

I'm pretty invisible too.  However, the increased fines have convinced me that I just *might* not have the same superpowers I once had...funny how that works.  

Glad this wasn't another kind of post and thanks for the laughs...it felt very good.  :)

Oh.  And Jim's warnings....noted and I've toned it down since on tx too...the "road warrior" in me has taken a definite hit.

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jd...Yes...that is right where they were...fargin bastages...and I knew better but my cousin wouldn't shut up...yak yak yak...at 7:am...OMG!

Trish...the hardest part of this whole thing wasn't even the ticket...it was my husband laughing at me after years of telling him that I was invisible and would never get a ticket.
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I also had to laugh, I got a ticket the week after my last shot......52 in a 25 mph.  That isn't the worst part, I forgot about my hearing and the wonderful magistrate postponed my hearing.  He married us in '96.  I went to the second hearing & he dropped all charges, no points or fines, lucky me.  My hubby laughed at me too.

Rita, I made the philly treck a few times and it was a total mess on that expressway, I hated it!!!!  People say Pittsburgh is bad, I say Philly is 10 times worse LOL

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Since Jim is serious -

Hmmm ... 62 in a 35 zone, 52 in a 25 zone?  Explain again how to determine the log drop on PCR test!  ;-)

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I quit driving about 1 month into TX. After the second time of having to stop to figure out where I was and Where I was going, that scared me enough. I had my husband or son drive me everywhere. I did not trust myself at all driving.
Please be Extra Careful if you are driving, I always set cruise control, keeps me at the limit.

Take Care
Lynn (tahoeunicorn)
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I got served with a "letter of expectations" on my behavior last week. Cussed out my boss because I didn't get a promotion/position that was earmarked for me. I am expected to behave in a more professional manner. Too bad I used up that card because I'm not on treatment and if I go on treatment I have a feeling I will be very very visible and volitle. Got a counselor and she says my boss is crazy. Lotta good that is doing me. Kinda wasn't paying attention to my big picture plan for treatment. Got to feeling too good with the exercise and nutrients.
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