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Sign petition to put pressure on!

A petition was begun to encourage Gilead to do the right thing.  Please sign it:

I have emailed this link to all my family and friends and posted it on FB.  Lets make ourselves heard!  Who knows...this might be the spark needed to start the fire!
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This is good, I will sign. We should also organize some big marches. People have to stop being silent about this, and we need to remove the stigma.
   Lots of the big rock stars have Hep C, they should do some benefit concerts, where awareness is raised~
  I remember, 12 yrs ago, right after my son was born, I sat on a float, in the Pride Parade, in S.F., holding a big Hep C Banner.
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Thank you!  Let's get the word out....100,000 signatures will possibly attract some attention to this.  I wonder what  kind of attention 4 million signatures (the number of US citizens alone with HCV) would create! Hold that banner high!
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Thanks for getting that started. I will sign it and pass it on to friends and family as well.
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Yes, email it, facebook it, tweet it, post it on other forums, spread the word.
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Lets get this party started!  :)
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Looks like GS-7977 is going to hit the market one way or another regardless of Daclastavir. There is no way they pay 11 billion for Pharmasett and sit on their most promising drug.  

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