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Skipped Dose and General Thank You

All of you have been so responsive to this issue of mine with the skipped dose.  I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

I'm getting confused now -- nothing new -- or I'm wore out.  I can't keep up with all the responses.  I think I did fight the good fight against my medical providers, but I lost.  I have to accept that and just go on and hope for the best.  It is too late to see another doctor for this issue, plus as I may have mentioned, this is a small medical community and the doctors all work together, particularly in this narrow and highly-specialized field.  Also, and this a fact of life, changing doctors is an expense -- I'm not a wealthy woman.  I just got my first statement for the first blood tests -- over $500 and I'm having another one next week -- my insurance will pay most of it - but still, it will add up over the months.  This treatment is going to be real expensive.  It just isnt the IFN and riba that is expensive, that, thankfully, is covered, but all the tests and doctor visits -- it will add up to much, real fast.  I have to look at that too.  You can only afford what you can afford.  

Again, what a great bunch of caring and involved human being -- I've never seen anything like this in my life.  It is, to say the least, tremendously impressive.  Where else in this world do you see human being helping each other to this extent?  Not many places, that is for certain.  None of you have anything to gain by helping me, other than you know I'm in need.  That, my friends, has given me something that I've never had or seen in my life.  You can't put a price tag on this kind of support and caring.  In the end, for me, it may be just as important as that illusive SVR.  


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This place really is turning is turning into Facebook. If this is about - "..medical issues and research aspects of Hepatitis C  such as, questions about being newly diagnosed, questions about current treatments, information and participation in discussions about research studies and clinical trials related to Hepatitis." then I am really confused.


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Yes, this forum is what has helped a lot of people make it through.

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Hi Deb-
Yes we are extremely lucky to have this support. All these people giving us their time and benefit of their experience makes all the difference in getting through this.
Be Well-

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You fought the fight, that's incredibly important. You'll never feel the regret of giving up.
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