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Something they don't tell you

One of the the things your doctor doesn't tell you to do while your on treatment is to LAUGH- it's a hard road find something funny in every day that makes you laugh.  There are so many questions and so many sad stories as well as great stories we sometimes can let things make us sad even more so while on treatment.  Keep a sense of humor and if you cant find someone who can push you through like my friends on here did me.  
   I finished my treatment yesterday I am one of the lucky ones and you can be too find support.  I am going to be involved in a support group here in Ohio so I may not around much  so a special Hug and thank you to Roger and tiredofhepcll for never giving up on me and helping through.... I love you guys for life.  Now everyone lighten up go tell a joke remember no farting on Medhelp it stinks.
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Congratulations on finishing treatment.

You are so right. Laugh, watch comedies, listen to good music. Do what you can to keep your spirits up.

Thanks for the post.
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Congrats again. you earned it. Enjoy life and smile, its contagious.  rog
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If you stop laughing...................it becomes real Boring.....
You did it.................Whew.................. there were moments
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Yes hard times my petals were wilting but as you see I am in full bl
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Meant to say I am I full bloom again ;)
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  Whew-hooo, you're through!  Yes, laughing is a great stress reliever.
I remember there was a hilarious thread on another Hep C forum, that I ran into,that popped(pooped?) up, when I made a post about peeing in my pants (it was all the water I was drinking, not renal probs, luckily!)
   The title of the post was called "Pooped in my Pants while on Tx" or something, and so many people had such funny stories to tell concerning said (tragic) subject!
   Although it was "bathroom humor", I could totally relate, as the Tx
throws so many undignified situations our way!
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good for you....keep drinking water and remember not to get too anxious...post tx can have some issues for a while..the funniest thing on my tx was about the end of week two i was laying in bed reading info on my laptop and a fly kept landing on me then walking on my body...i kept slapping it off...this went on for a while till i couldn't take it anymore..so i put the computer down and waited for the kill ...when it came back about a minute later it wasn't a fly...it was my skin doing weird stuff! that was pretty funny....good luck....billy
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Congratulations! Good Advice!
I only watched funny shows while on tx. I had a short attention span, so Americas Funniest Video's was easy to follow.
Time to enjoy life.
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The past, present, and future walk into a bar.
It was a tense situation...

"Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it." - Bill Cosby

Most excellent advice

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