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Son of actor Michael Douglas pleads guilty to dealing crystal meth

NEW YORK - The hard-luck son of Michael Douglas pleaded guilty Wednesday to dealing large quantities of methamphetamine and cocaine, while holed up in the trendy Manhattan hotel where he was arrested last year.

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Rocker, why on EARTH are you posting this here?  It is completely unrelated to HCV, and I cannot imagine what you think this brings to the forum.  What are you thinking when you post things like this?

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you are kidding......right?  So what if a star's son gets busted, regular people do every day.
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Farrah Fawcett's son is in prison for drugs.
Drugs are bad.
Marlon Brando's son died of them.
Steven Tyler is out of his mind from them.
Celebrity Rehab stars Doctor Drew Pinsky.
Heidi Fleiss was the Hollywood Madam.
Charlie Sheen loves prostitutes.
Prostitutes are also called hookers.
Hooks catch fish.
Fish swim in the ocean.
The ocean contains salt.
Salt is bad for you.
Algae is good for you.
Blue is a pretty color.
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We need to give Roker the breaks he deserves.  I think I'm beginning to understand the way he makes connections to the threads that he posts.  Now pay attention....

The son is of Michael Douglas, Producer of Cukoo's Nest with Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson was in Easy Rider with Dennis Hopper
Dennis Hopper was in a movie created by Neil Young (Human Highway)
Neil Young was in a band with David Crosby
David Crosby had a liver transplant (ostensibly related to drug use)
Makes perfect sense to me!!!

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LOL.......OMgosh !!
Well, when you put it like that:)
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Well that shows how much that I know.  All along I thought Rock was Perez Hilton on steroids.
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FLG I knew there was a point I was trying to make in there somewhere - thank you for being the more articulate of the two of us, you are brilliant!

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Isnt this  the social side of the hep C fourm where you can discuss topics about pretty much anything EXCEPT... GOVT and GOD...if i tell a joke will ur face crack and fall to the floor?

"A word to the wise ain't necessary - it's the stupid ones that need the advice."
Short funny quotes by, Bill Cosby
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I think it was jdwithhcv who eloquently wrote not too long ago "just because you can does mean that you should".  
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Just peeked in here to see how everyone is as I always do.

Glad to seea ll is abnormally ":normal" around here.

Rocker- again enjoy your SVR....
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Glad to see all is abnormally :normal as always:

This darn keyboard wont work!!

Happy weekend all

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Pharmacy in a box available 24 hours a day ,soon we will be dispensing heroin and coke


In a world where modern convenience is synony­mous with machines, the introduction of a so-called “pharmacy in a box” will create efficiency for the people of Ontario, say its creators.

The large green and white kiosks resemble ATM machines and dispense pills like vending machines. With a real pharmacist linked in by video, the mini-pharmacies can take a patient’s prescription and dispense medication any time of day.

Four of the kiosks have already landed in Toronto-area hospitals, according to the Ontario Hospital Association, and eight more kiosks will be added to hospitals and remote areas across the province.

“We see this concept, this idea of two-way video conferencing to a pharmacist, as the way of the future in health care,” said Tom Closson, the association’s president and chief executive officer, as he described the machine as the beginning of a virtual approach to the delivery of health services in Canada.

With a prescription, a patient can pick up a phone attached to the machine and reach a pharmacist through video conference 24 hours a day. The pharmacist can counsel the patient and has full control of the medication being dispensed.

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