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Starting TX

So.... tx started for me yesterday, smoothly with no sides annoying enough to mention. I have been spared so far and am immensely thankful for that. Am drinking lots of fluids and chillin' at home...

Geno 3a   doing tx for 24 weeks, hopefully

180mcg Pegasys
800 mg  Rebetol

I was supplied with enough Peg for 8 weeks and enough Riba for 6 weeks.

Will have first PCR at 4 weeks, the sensitivity of the test they use is 20 iuml.

My doctors and nurses are great!!!! They answer all questions and are positive, friendly and compassionate. I have really been blessed with good fortune, I must say. The nurse said that I could call as many times as I want, better too many times than not enough. Also she said that they are interested in how our tx is coming along, so it's just good to call. Wow, I didn't expect that. Any minor sx, you call and they will just put in the prescription on their net system and one can pick it up at any pharmacy. With any stuff they need to see you, they will want you to either come in to them or see your GP, depending on what it is. So I'm cool.

I just wanted to thank all of you who have been such a support and a well of knowledge that made it possible for me to go into this with so much confidence and preparedness. Love you all.


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I wish you BEST OF LUCK for Tx. Just take plenty of fluids and try to take rest for at least 8 hours a day. Alittle exercise preferably walk for 30 min do reduce the fatigue. Just keep in touch and share your feelings. One more thing just try to cool down your mood during Tx coz mood swings sometime causes problems.

Take carez and have fun
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Good Luck to you in your journey and may the side effects be easy on your body and mind for it may wonder from time to time and when it is the heaviest it may be the lightest for the path may be long and winding before the journeys end.

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finally started marcia im delighted you have no bad sides, ive started drinking loads of water and mine have eased a hell of a lot i feel great, well un till an hours time when i take my 3rd shot lol.keep in touch
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Wishing you good luck and hopin your sx are easy..........
You will saill thru!

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Thank you so much, all of you...

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You are off to a great start, having all your resources lined up and having such confidence in your medical team.  Your support team is here too.  Good luck as you go and hope it goes very well for you all the way to SVR.

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