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Still doing well after transplant

Had my transplant Dec. 03, 2013 and all is great. Blood work always perfect. Lucky man to be sure. Well, I do take very good care of myself. Eat right, exercise, and don't drink are some of the main reasons I'm doing well according to my doctor. If they would have had Harvoni (the medicine that cured my Hep C), I wouldn't have had the transplant. If it was 1913 instead of 2013, I would be dead. Some medical advances are being done daily and those now with Hep C are very fortunate Harvoni is now available. Still entertaining as a musician a lot here in Arizona. The weather is like a sauna in the summer, but the air is crystal clear compared to California, where I moved from. I hope everyone has cleared or will soon clear of the insidious monster Hep C.
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Congrats Magnum
Keep on keeping on!
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Great to hear! I'm back on here after a failed tx in '09. I'm 1 week in with Harvoni and hoping for the best. The odds are very good this time, no crap shoot and bad sides like the other one which left me with panic attacks and anxiety that never went away.
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