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Storms, beware of them.

Good morning, was just watching a sad story on our local news, you might have heard parts of Indiana got hit really hard with tornados last week. One story that was really sad was about this family of 5, mother and father and 3 kids. The youngest was a 15 month old little girl that was carried about 10 miles and dropped in a field. The others had already died, over the weekend the grandparents had the terrible job of taking the poor thing off of life support.

The grandparents and the rest of the family were in the room at the time, they all said this little girl was such a daddys girl and any time he would walk into a room she would hold her arms straight out for him to take her. The grandmother was holding her little hand when they took her off. She took her little hand away and put both arms straight out as she passed away. Her daddy had come and she reached out for him to take her.
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that was a heartbreaking story.  it brought tears to me eyes.  my hgb is down to 9.7 so i'm always teary.  i truly believe her daddy came for her.  take care and be safe.  belle
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This is so sad. I am so emotional on this treatment I started crying when I was watching the news about the people there. I think I am going to have to give up the news for the rest of my treament. I get so angry most days when I watch the news All of those lying people in Washington. .... Both sides .... Sorry I better stop before I get off on some kind of insane rant.
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Well i can assure you this has nothing to do about Washington or politics, the furthest thing from peoples minds here. There are times when that doesn't play a part in our lives.
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Oh! I Know. I am not blaming Washington for that!    
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You are a very lovely man can-do-man.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the famil(y)ies, I was heart broken to hear this news this morning, yes the story is huge here on the NY stations even. At least she is with her family now. How sad for the gransparents my God.

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It's always sad losing a young life and even more so in these sudden disasters be it this tornado or the earthquake in Haiti, etc.
Natural disasters are indiscriminate.

The strange thing about these storms is the immensity and the time of year of these tornadoes.
My husband grew up in tornado country and he keeps shaking his head, saying this doesn't make sense.
What is causing this weird weather, I wonder ?
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Yes it is early and not common, but not unheard of here. they were reporting things like this happening many years ago...Back when i was a kid we had some as early as the first of the year. Mother nature is what she is.
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Sure of course it's Mother Nature but nothing happens in a vacuum.
It's not just the storms in the mid-West.
There's so many odd things, going on with nature I wonder what are the connections?
We can blame man induced conditions on things like acid rain, the disappearance of coral reefs or the melting ice caps but I don't blame everything on Global Warming.
Could some of this extreme weather be because of sun flares, or changes in the ionosphere or ??

I don't expect an answer, but I wonder. Keeps my little brain busy :)
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I too have wondered OH about the sun flares and them not even getting done but will get stronger. I read an interesting article on google in the science section about a week ago which I would have sent to you had I known that you were really as interested as me, LOL, and it said the earths clouds have lowered...now how in the world do they get lowers? And I would think that lowering would mean less hurricans and thunderstorms if anything with the cloud tops not being as high and yet = it seems to be the exact opposite.

Very strange to me indeed, there appears to be something but God knows what it really is.
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Earth’s clouds are sinking lower in the sky, with fewer clouds at high altitudes and lower cloudtops in general, says a new analysis of satellite data. The coming fog means that Earth will cool down more efficiently — so the lowering of clouds could slow the effects of global warming.

This potential negative feedback loop is evident in about 10 years of satellite data, so not much at all in the grand scheme of climate research. But it’s a hint that something interesting is happening, according to Roger Davies, the lead researcher on a new paper based on findings from NASA’s Terra spacecraft.

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Science, Rebecca Boyle, climate change, clouds, earth satellites, global warming, nasa, Terra remote-sensing satelliteSeveral NASA assets look at clouds in a variety of ways, measuring their size, structure, formation, altitude and other vitals. The data is important for weather forecasting as well as long-term climate forecasting. Among other instruments, the Terra satellite contains nine cameras at different angles that produce 3-D images of clouds around the world. The satellite launched in 1999 and the new study examined its first decade of data.

The data show that global average cloud height declined by roughly one percent over the decade, decreasing by around 100 to 130 feet. This was mostly the result of fewer clouds forming at the highest altitudes, according to a NASA release. Scientists are not sure why this happened, but it might be due to a change in atmospheric circulation patterns at high altitudes, Davies said. But they do know what it could mean: A drop in cloud height would allow more heat to escape the Earth into space, reducing the overall temperature of the planet. So differences in cloud formation, wrought by a warming climate, could help counteract the effects of that warming.

For all their impact on our weather and our moods, clouds are one of the most poorly understood variables in climate change models. Terra and other cloud-watchers, notably CloudSat, aim to improve cloud representation in those models. Terra is scheduled to keep gathering this type of data for another decade, so maybe by 2020 we’ll know what the clouds are up to
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