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Telaprevir and Boceprevir?

Are these the first protease inhibitors that have ever made it as far as Phase III trials?  I've been reading as always and I came across a story stating this information, but it was one of those sites where you have to pay $29.95 if you want access to the full text, so I said I don't think so.lol   Anyone?
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heres a different one

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It is estimated that three to four million people worldwide are newly infected each year

i had to post this   sorry
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Not a problem, what I'm thinking is that maybe the medical field is working more on a HepC vaccine than a cure for the infected.  There haven't been any other PI's that have made it to Phase III.  This is what your post says:  

The company's lead product candidate, dutogliptin (PHX1149), is a dipeptidyl-peptidase-4, or DPP-4, inhibitor in Phase 3 development as an oral, once-daily treatment for Type 2 diabetes. Phenomix has a collaboration with Forest Laboratories to develop and commercialize dutogliptin in North America. The company's second product candidate, PHX1766, is a protease inhibitor in Phase 1 clinical development for the treatment of hepatitis C virus, or HCV, infection.

It's a good thing, but their drug is still only a Phase I hcv drug.  The drug in Phase 3 developement is for the tx of Type 2 diabetes.  Hopefully within a few years the study for a cure goes biotech or somewhere else as to only have 2 drugs in 20yrs. seems like it has fallen short.  At least in my humble opinion.  The link that I've left is somewhat of an artificial liver.  We will all find out shortly, but I'm sure to think that tx is heading in the direction of cell manipulation.  just thinking...    


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so it looks as tho the PI`s that made ti to phase 3 are BOC/TELAPREVIR
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Yes these are the first PI's for HCV. To learn more about the development of Telaprevir you can go to the following audio links.

Joshua Boger - "Rational Drug Design"
David Ewing Duncan and Dr. Moira Gunn speak with Joshua Boger, the President and CEO of Vertex Pharmaceuticals. They discuss rational drug design: how Vertex re-engineered their HIV/AIDS PI drug into one for Hepatitis C. (6:00 min)
recorded 2007-01-16  29 minutes, 13.7mb

Dr. Moira Gunn of “Tech Nation” checks in with Dr. Joshua Boger, from Vertex Pharmaceuticals.
recorded July 30, 2008 14 minutes, 6.7mb

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much thx for the tip.

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