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The Trots!

I realize this post is in very poor taste...but I can't afford to be to civilized right now, I need some feedback...perhaps the more genteel of you will let me slide (hmm...bad choice of words maybe? lol) Anyway, the Alinia kinda does this on it's own anyway, but it's tolerable...but the added Riba, anyway, does this going number 2, a whole lot! Ever let up? Is it just something that happens in the beginning? Cause daaaan...I'm fixin' to put some wheels on a latrine and drag it around with me! I need a fixed position on a bathroom wherever I go! so to speak! any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks in advance....oh, and you Alinia people, whats your take on this problem with just the Alinia?
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No Alinia here -- But I can say this:

Add cheese to your diet. LOL!

Girl - I can so understand IBS -- -one moment can --- one moment can't... It's a tough world in Chemoland...

So yanno what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna give you a big hug (while I spray the Febreeze... )

and I'm going to invest in some nice baby wipes...


Here's hoping that you feel --- uhmmm... the ability to stray from the restroom --- yah... that's the ticket... soon.


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A poo thread, regardless of consistency, is never in poor taste. My guess, you're a little edgy from all that you have started with the coup de gras coming in a few more days.  Hang in there, kid.  You'll be fine. Sorry, no better advice.
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I've had them the whole time.  Keep saying that if someone would invent a toilet you could drive around, I might get something done.  I already had some similar issues (from previous radiation tx to the area) and now add riba and I become the human bomb and with a very short fuse.  I realize this is not one of my most genteel posts, but you deserve the truth.  

Get some soft babywipes, and maybe some ointment (w/lidocaine).  Keep some interesting reading material available.  And eat cheese!
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Well at least you guys are getting allot of excerice running to the outhouse. hehehe
Maybe I should take more riba....I just seem to be tooting my horn allot! LOL

best wishes to ya all!
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When I was treating - Oh what I wouldn't have given for a good case of the runs. I had turds like cement baguettes. No, baguettes are too smooth on the surface. Make that cement sea cucumbers.

Actually, I did get the runs for a week or more - and the problem there is keeping the riba upstream long enough. That was a challenge I never sorted out.

I bet now you wish you had took a picture of one of them perfect coils, huh? Good luck - get some baby wipes...
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One side I had little trouble with, thankfully, but now reading above...I love cheese :)
  Sorry this is already going on. No advise except the cheese but............

your on the Riba !!?? Missed several days of post, you have a shot day planned ?

P.S. You do have thick hair like me. I came out with it still looking okay, just a lot thinner. Think you'll be okay there as you have a lot!

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sorry to hear about the trotskies.   if i remember correctly, in one of HR's posts he speaks of using probiotics with the alinia.   about 15 years ago i had the poops for months and went to the local health food store after having the primary doc check me for parasites, and the health food guy recommeded Jarro-Dophilus.  i was beginning to feel the fatigue about this time so the poops may have been a symptom of HCV.   now when i go through one of the loose stool times i take at least 10 of the jarro-dophilus and it slows me down - in a gentle way - unlike imodium.  the other thing you could try is donnatol, but that requires a prescription.  also medicinal mj is supposed to slow down peristalsis. perhaps the previous posters have the best idea - cheese. yum - a wonderful excuse to each cheese, and then you can cut it!
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it's all good, everyone...I'll get that kind of jarro-dophilus...sadly, I think with probiotics, etc...the more expensive the better has been my experience...that's not true for all supps.... but I that one? I think so...they put more critters in or something....actually, kinda sorry about this thread, I was a little wound up yesterday, lol...but I'm just trying to calm down and settle into this, which is no mean feat for me, lol....always can tell when I'm super nervous, I post too much!
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If you start the interferon as well most likely it will help a lot as Goofy said. All this pre-dosing this and that is more than likely f'ing up your entire system and giving you a wonderful case of IBS.

Take the shot on Friday and get it over with.  It should seriously help your stomach out if not turn you the other way around.

Either way you just gotta do this. There are no studies on pre-dosing both alinia and riba and I think you might be causing some helluva complication.  Too much diahreah and everything is just going to run through you and mess up all your blood counts.

get if over with take the shot it's time.
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I just had to chuckle when I saw this.  I don't have Alinia in my tx mix but I used to think I was the only one on tx that spent the entire morning "trotting".  I swear I trot from the potty, start walking down the hallway and have to turn around and trot back.  I'm 18 weeks in to tx and this is my routine about 4 days out of every week.

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Ahh, the hour is upon us.

4c - this was a constant problem thoughout tx for me (although since it meant I lost weight, I didn't consider it a problem, ha ha).  It is the reason a lot of folks lose weight on tx, I think.  Strangely though, I had always attributed it to the interferon which, it appears, you have not started yet, so that blows my theory.  It is probably the evil Riba.  I tried everything.  In fact, I didn't know you could get hemmies with the runs, I thought it was only from constipation.  I was cured from a lifetime of constipation, in fact.    It come from going all the time too.  It was AZ girl, I think who suggested using chapstick on your hinnie.  Works too!  Just peel the label  off so you don't use it elsewhere.

These poop threads do pull the folks out, don't they. How you doing Goof?  No big tax problems this year, I hope,

Angie, good luck to you.  You will do fine.  There is a definite transition period while your body adjusts to these heavy duty meds.  Just take it easy and dring that water.
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so, did you ever hear the diarrhea song from "Parenthood"? (when you're sliding into home, and your pants are full of foam, diarrhea, diarrhea... etc)...LOL...Sorry, not funny, I know...this just started a few days ago for me, and I've been attributing it to caffeine influence...Gawd! I hope that's all it is!  Hmm...Cheese and those army crackers (I think the old fashioned term is Pilot bread)...that's guaranteed to slow up the works!  I wish I could think of something more witty...LOL
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A stool in time saves 9. Mike
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This thread is funny. I give it a Triple A+ rating.

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You are too funny!!! I had this problem the entire time on tx. If I did manage to eat anywhere near a full meal I knew I had better stay home or ELSE. I am in sales and I can;t tell you how nervous I would be in a meeting with a client and get that sudden pain. I'm lucky I only lost the 15lbs. Good news is it stopped shortly after tx was done. Stock up on Tucks. They really help.
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Lets squeeze thru the mustard, and cut the cheese here. Good chance you will swing both ways girl. ( tx. wise that is) Hershey squirts now the pillsbury dough boy later.

Just make sure while the trots keep you running you keep an eye on your potassium levels....... Wishing you the best gal.

canman, spent alot of time in the can
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Can-do-man is right about the potassium. When I finished tx my potassium level was low.nothing dangerous but low still the same.
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I think it's pretty likely that you'll settle back closer to your natural rythmn pretty soon. This is a waaaay stressful time - but it definitely improves once you have a couple injections under you skin. Be sure you avoid pepper for a while - not that it affects the gasto much, but a sneeze at this juncture could be most unfortunate.

Hello Bean!! Hello Can-do!! Yupp not gonna miss a good thread like this....

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I dunno if this settles out.. I hope so for you .. for me this is just beginning at start of Week 6 .. slightly nauseous feeling alot of the time and getting "looser" if you know what I mean.  Afraid to "pass gas" for what I'll pass instead.  Wore brown pants to work today.  Might have to get more but not exactly a "spring" colour, you know? :)  Maybe it's temporary, I dunno.  All I know is it's happening.  I've been eating waffles for breakfast, might have to go back to toast and cheddar again after reading this post. :)

Good luck .. this too shall pass.  

Hm.  Perhaps an unfortunate choice of words............


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LOL! and you all thought I was nuts way back when. I had 132 rolls of turlet paper when first starting TX. Wait until the riba settles in, sorry

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OMG Jasper I remember that!!!! How many do you have now?
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Try Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.
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I see where Alinia causes diarrhea,but havent  read where Riba does.  Wow you have got to be miserable,i feel for you.  All i have to offer is: invest in a tube of BOUDREAUX'S  BUTT PASTE, no joke it really works, get some baby wipes, and dont end up like that woman in Kansas City who sat on the toilet for 2yrs. and she b/c one with the toilet seat (LOL) ......Leah
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Bidet --- Bidet --- I have one -- It's wonderful --- btw...


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