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The Wind

I think that the pain and suffering of HCV is much less that my family relationships.I have to find a way to let go of this pain I have over my children.How?I pray and Pray,I try to rationalize i cry and get so angry but there is no comfort in it.It makes me sick and I have to find a way to let go ...I don't want this to make me sicker.
With tears pouring down I want to thank you all for caring more than my own children.You are all so amazing and I have found some family I can count on.Thank you seems so inadequate.So I am gonna win the Lottery and come visit everyone of you who will let me !HaHa!
Much Love Snow!
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Beautifully said, Lib
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I am greatful I opened my laptop this morning to read these offerings.  I return for inspiration often and am never dissapointed.  You make this site manifest in such humanity with  fearless revelations that we don't  have the courage many times to reveal to our own blood.  

Now matter how many times one may symbolically resolve our bewilderments, they are resident deep within.  Every cut in a diamond allows light to bathe the infraction and bring brilliance to an otherwise humble stone.  What can I say - I am proud of my fellow warriors.  We won't get any awards or presentations but we have our collective journeys with so much strength and now wisdom.  We are each others blessings.  Thank you and you and you and you and me.
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Perhaps you can write a letter to your children expressing exactly how deeply you feel. Be sure to express all your pain, all your sorrow. When you have finished, take it out into the cold night and burn it.
Let your pain go into the smoke.

Now, turn inwards, turn towards the love in your heart.
Let loving kindness be your prayer and your guide.

( Do you know how to do loving kindness meditation ? You simply think or pray for all beings to know loving kindness in their lives. Think," let all being feel loving kindness". Do this over and over, while slowly breathing, in and out)

Peace ~
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