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The sweetest thing

It seemed to take forever, but finally the phone rang.

SVR for meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

I'm putting on those red red shoes.  Let the happy dance begin!  Rootbeers for the house.  I am so grateful to one and all, I could never have made it without you wonderful people and this forum.  A toast to the MedHelp heppers.  Thank you all from the bottom of my virus-free heart!


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Im so happy for you I cant express myself!!  I have goose bumps and happy tears of joy for you!! You go girl!! Keep going!! Everything is coming your way!!!


Health and happiness
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Been waiting and checking all day for this post. Well fought and deserved. Congratulations !!!!!

All the best with your Hep Free life,

-- Jim
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This is amazing news!!!!!  I am so happy for you =))))

Put on those dancin shoes and let loose with a Howard Dean girly one!!!!!

Heppers 1/Dragons 0
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Really happy for you, and yes them red shoes and SVR go so good together, now go enjoy you have earned it
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1.30 AM here... I just pulled out my three pairs of red heals and did my happy dance for you in all of them..  

Congratulations!!! You've killed your dragon!
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First Melinda, then Enigma, and now JD, all SVR, all receiving the news within two days. The forum will never be the same. I'm delirious from the spectacular results. Three out of three...three out of three!......heady stuff.

I'm going to have some more pizza and imbibe this happy feeling and get drunk on it.

Congratulations, this is the real thing.
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Congratulations and I echo the words of many for it does not matter how we get here as long as we are here, the end of a long road. Rest, recoup and get on with life but let’s not forget anyone left behind for those who have yet to come need a beacon of light and hope to guide them in the fog of the journey. Getter looks around? Hum… must be in my head, lol. again congrats!

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Way to go girlfriend.  Happy dance has already begun.
You've given much too Jd.  Voice or reason, compassion, empathy, logic and I have the utmost respect for you and the integrity to have brought to the forum.  
It's your moment jd, bask in the glory and have a wonderful, healthy life.
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It really is a dream come true!!
What a great few days we had here.
Now on with a hep free life
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YAHOO, I am so happy for you!!! That is the best news I have heard all WEEK!!
You have been through so much!!!! and finally the best news SVRRRRRRRRRRR

hug and love to you always!!!

Ps....put on the red heels and go dancing!!!!
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I am so happy!  Been happy all afternoon!  You have earned it, a fighter of the first order!
Cancer, HCV,   Have no words  except whooo ya!  I ll dance with ya!   root beer toast!  and do a cartwheel, my friend you have earned it.

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keeping it Irish!
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JD, why are you wearing black shoes in this one? Did you wear out your red ones?

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Great stuff.  What a dismal week for hcv!
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Sooooo happy for you!  Wonderful news.  Congratulations!

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Such HAPPY news!! I'm so glad to hear it!! I'm dancing for you (in my head--the body is just too wiped out!) and it's a gorgeous ballet with elements of sheer bounciful joy. :)
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Virus-free - I love the sound of that! Congratulations!
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and continued good health,
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Wow, that is so great!  Congrats, congrats, congrats!
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Congratulations to you!!!!!

SVR for us all!!!!

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Fantastic - just lovin' hearing about these SVRs!!!  Enjoy!

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SVR is such sweeeeeeeeeeet news ! Congratulations.Now you have to change your name.Good change.
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Congratulations.. Huge congrats to you;  I'm so pleased you got this wonderful result!!!
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Wonderful news.  I have been thinking about your results since the inauguration, since that was the day you had the blood drawn.

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