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Things were going along swimmingly

Then my HGB took a nose dive at 39 weeks. I have been on procrit for 23 weeks. First half at 40,000 units and my HGB went up to 12.4. Cut back to 20,000 units for the past 12 weeks but it didn't hold up. Back to 40,000 units. I knew it had tanked. I went to the Spurs/Suns game Monday and had to do some stair climbing and man, it was rough. Spurs lost to boot, but the brawl at the end of the game was kinda fun.

Other than some tiredness feeling pretty good. 9 weeks left.

I know it's not Friday, but here's a 'fight song', sorta.


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you indicate you've been on Procrit for 23 weeks; at what  hemoglobin level were you prescribed this?  my hemo has gone from 4.12, 3.91, 3.68, 3.64 and I just had a blood test Tues. and I feel it may even be less.  I am on week 15, with 9 left.  At my last doc visit, she indicated I was stable and avoided Procrit because I only had a short time left. My WBC/ANC levels were at 1.8/545 at last blood test 2 weeks back. I'm opposed to taking more drugs if I don't have to - and the cost is unreal too.   I constantly feel off balance with fatigue and assume that is due to anemia, otherwise (thankfully), I feel pretty good.
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I wonder if this a post 36 issue for some people.  My H's HGB fell to 11.6 fairly rapidly weeks one through 4 from 16.5 pre-treatment.  Fortunately this fall in HGB did not bother him at all and he's felt more energetic on treatment than in the two years prior to diagonosis.  However, his HGB just dropped to 10.7 week 36 and he's starting to feel more tired.  He's getting an additional CBC this week (week 38) and it will be interesting to see if it's continuing to drop after being stable for the first two-thirds of treatment.
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Wow 9 weeks left...that's great!!!
You'll be feeling better real soon!!!

Loved he youtube post....I thought this one was an interesting one too...


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I was Rx'd the procrit at 10.2.
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forgive me, I gave values of RBC instead of hemo.  My hemo was 14.9 (pre-treating) 12.8, 12.2, 11.6 and it stayed there for 30 days.  It may have gone down some-results to be told Monday.  That you for your reply.
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yeah I figured that, otherwise you wouldn't have the strength to type. I was gonna respond by saying, ' Call 911'.

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If tx was golf, you'd be shootin' par.
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Sorry about the Hgb. Were your seats in the nosebleed section or in other words how high did you have to climb? Who cares if you got to go to the game. WOW!  I'm more impressed with that than the rest of the story. Our poor Mavs had a sorry ending, but Dirk got MVP, guess they couldn't give it to Duncan or Nash again or are sports different than beauty pageants?
Sorry to hear about the low Hgb but you're doing the countdown towards the new year.....10, 9, 8,....

How are you doing? How's Nick? I think everyone's gone to bed by the time I get on here.
Talk to you soon.
HUGS (all caps means a big hug)
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I forgot you lived in the DFW area. Poor Dirk. I actually felt sorry for him when he got his MVP award but those darn Warriors were like a buzz saw in that series. I don't know if anyone could have beat 'em but they fell back down to earth, as people thought they would.

I'm sure you can understand that Dallas and Phoenix are like satan to us Spurs fans. ( and vice-versa ). My seats were indeed 'nose bleed' at the very next to last row. That was all I could afford but there are really no bad seats at ATT Center. I still was able to hear Nash hit the scorers table when Robert Horry nailed him and yes, I did laugh. ( my bad )  Sure did cause a huge ruckus though. I'm still laughing, but I'm that kinda guy. People getting hysterical over sports and other meaningless things always gives me the chuckles.

Anyway, the day before I didn't take my Riba and on that day I took a half dose just so I'd be able to go. HOW IS THAT FOR A COMMITTED FAN ? Ironically I had my monthly doc appointment  two days later, on wed. When I told my doc that I didn't take my meds so I'd be able to go to the game he just gave me the nod and smiled. You know, a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do ....

Going to game 6 tomorrow and I feel even WORSE than I felt monday. I did a half dose riba today and will half dose again tomorrow.  Hopefully the increased procrit dose will kick in a little.

Spurs have to win tomorrow or they'll get eaten alive in game 7 in Phoenix.
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Yes, I understand you are the enemy, but hard to hate a team with such good athletes playing in Texas. But believe me, much as I admire them I'm a bigger Steve Nash fan, I would have loved to have seen that fight! I'm sure if I were rooting for San Anytonio I would have loved it even more!
You have a great time at the game, cutting riba for a special occasion makes sense to me. Good thing your dr's understands too. What a mess that must be getting in and out of the parking lot even. You deserve a break on the meds with all that exercise.
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If you can keep Artest out of jail you might have a chance.
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Maloof brothers aren't the sharpest pencils in the box either. They're kinda 'Cubenish' . Or is it 'Cubenesque' ?

lol !!
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About your coach: Maloof brothers feeding him too much Coors. I'd drink too if I worked for those morons.
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I knew 'em when they were kids. They've been jerkoffs since Jr. High.
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Correction: I mean childangel, although, you too bug.
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