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To: Hector SF

I just wanted to start a post to send you a BIG God Bless and say, I am so happy to hear you have started treatment today. I read your post to Cindy and it made me feel good to hear that. Again, God Bless and I know He will because you are such a caring and unselfish individual to help so many people. There has got to be days that you feel so bad but yet you go above and beyond to soothe the souls of so many. Just know there are people out here that really appreciate you! Thank you from GoGG or Tammy
Please keep us all posted on how your feeling and doing!
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Said it there, I'll say it here.  You are in our thoughts and prayers for success for this treatment AND SVR, and secondly, for no sides, or very low grade ones, but first and foremost---SVR.

You are truly our lead warrior- fight well, we are all here to help if we can.

Hang in there and ON TO SVR.  Pat
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I have not been on the forum long, but you have given me sound, much needed advice an I will always hold you dear in my heart.  There are quite a few warriors that are way more Hep C educated than G.I. doctors.  Not to put them down, just not their speciality.  I have always felt "safe" with all advice here.  An I'm very protective of this forums reputation.  Case in point, when I mentioned to the G.I. Nurse I had stumbled across a hep C site that was keeping me from calling her 24-7, her exact words were, "really bad idea". It was hard biting my tongue.  So, that being said, I pray for your health an your eventual SVR.   Mary
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You have helped me and so many others with good solid information: I will always be grateful that you take the time to help all of us. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you start treatment.
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"Nurse I had stumbled across a hep C site that was keeping me from calling her 24-7, her exact words were, "really bad idea"."

She obviously has no personal experience with Hep C other than her job.
If it weren't for the advice and support I received here from Hector and others, there is no way I could have made it through the last three years as my husband's caregiver. Does this nurse really think the 10-15 minutes a patient spends with his/her doctor (maybe once a month) is sufficient to answer all the questions there are in relation to this virus. Everyone here speaks from their experience with this virus and provides information that
may very well help others avoid some very bad experiences which may even be life threatening.

That said, I want to wish Hector the very best as he begins his journey to finally be free of this virus!  No one deserves it more.

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Wishing you a good journey while you are treating this dreadful disease. You have been through so much and I have always felt your advice to others was right on. You have been like a doctor to a lot of us, we know you are going to be truthful and know what is best according to research and personal experience. IT is time for you to have a great outcome! We are all pulling for you and wishing you the best!
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Really 10-15 min wow. I'm lucky to get 5 min lol peace
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Wishing you a very successful Tx, and hope you slay your dragon finally!
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Hiya Spadge! sending love& thoughts your way Hector you more then anybody deserves itand i agree you have been like a doc to many of us you always try to help and you always tell the truth. Goodluck Love Jules xxx
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Wishing you the best! I totally agree with all the forum friends you are an exceptional person.prayers sent on all of our behaves
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Hector...let me join this chorus by saying I am hopiing that new liver of yours to continues to thrive and that your treatment will be successful and with minimal to no sides...

You are clearly incredible and I am guessing a good friend to those around you as you certainly put an effort towards supporting everyone here...even when undergoing major health challenges...

Good Luck!!!!  Jo
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Good luck on your new journey! Many wonderful things said here about you. Hoping one day soon we will all be congratulating you on your SVR!
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Hello friend,  actually, I said it was hard to bite my tongue, an since mouth was killing me, I didn't.  The RIBA thingie kicked in an I gave her alittle education on just how much help an support was given an that the community was way more knowledgable than any one here.  Hey, a good side affect of RIBA to me is that it liberates me to speak my mind when I know I'm right.  I told her she would be doing her patients a great service by referring them here.  See how that goes.  Anyway, like I said, I'm protective of this forums reputation.  Everyone keep on marching towards SVR.  MARY
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Heartfelt wishes for a smooth and successful treatment, Hector!  
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As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers.  You are the best...my hero.  You are so wonderful to give your time so freely and so well to so many of us on here.
If not for you I would never have treated the second time
Bless you my friend
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Love your comment and you are so right Hector is our "Lead Warrior"
He is such a blessing on here.
Talk about paying it forward, he is the king of paying it forward both here and on other sites in hospitals, support groups, etc..
He is a great inspiration to me and many many others
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Thank you very much for your very kind words.

I am feeling very positive that this just may be "the beginning of the end" of my 44 year relationship with hepatitis C and its not so life-affirming consequences. Irreversible cirrhosis and liver cancer are two that come immediately to mind.

On November 16th of last year my cirrhotic, cancerous liver was removed and I received my new, cancer free, hep C free, 36 year old, female, deceased donor liver. And it is only thanks to her and all of the many people that help me stay alive until I received her liver that I am still here to even have the opportunity to treat the virus again at all. So already I have had more good fortune than anyone can ever rightly expect.

I'm doing the best treatment currently available for me and hope for the best. Time will tell how it works out. For me my recurrent hepatitis is only one part of my recovery process. While I respect it and the damage I have seen it do to myself and others I don't fear it or let it interfere with my enjoyment of life. I am content just to be alive with or without hepatitis C, frankly. Looking at how far we have come with treatments and at what will be available to treat this virus very soon I know I will be cured of the virus one way or another in the near future. I have no doubt about that.

During treatment I will be monitored weekly with blood tests (a post transplant benefit) as well as having my monthly transplant labs.

Of course I will continue to facilitate our hep C support groups here at my transplant center and will continue to encourage and support patients on our liver transplant waiting-list with our liver transplant support group, help those treating their hep C pre and post transplant and visit with hospitalized folks going through some tough times pre or post transplant. It is my privilege to be able to help others by letting them know that not long along I too have walked in their shoes.

I am the lucky one. I am still here because of what others did to help me get through some pretty desperate times. So it only seems natural that now that I am in a position to help others, I do.

Thank you all.

P.S. In two weeks I will be representing our UCSF liver transplant program at a transplantation medical conference here in SF. It will be a gathering of transplant doctors and staff from various transplant centers from around the country. I will be sharing my experiences and thoughts along with patients from our other transplant programs, lung, heart, kidney, pancreas, intestine etc. I am privileged to be able to represent the over 3,000 liver transplant alumni from our center. (Including about the 50% of patients who needed transplants because of the consequences of chronic hepatitis C infection.)
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I try to find the right words to thank you and encourage you, but I am emotionally ferklempted (I think this is the spelling).  I am not of the chat room, blog, facebook generation, so I very shyly found my way to medhelp when I was so lost and ignorant.  Without this community, and you particularly, Hector, I would not be Undetected at EOT right now, and hoping for SVR and/or next step in treatment plan.  I know what that should look like thanks to your role in educating all of us. I can almost feel you hand held out through the computer when you respond to a question send latest data, trial conclusions, and expert analysis or cheer-lead hanging in on a worrisome day.  You elevate the content and tone on this site so that not one of us any longer wonders about what we will find here.  You need only to get back a portion of what you have given away and you will have your day of chest-beating over the last breaths of your beast.  Sounds like a great day.
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Happy to hear you are being treated. I send people to this site just to hear what you have to say.Currently I am also on same tx, but your posts were most helpful in 2012 when I was on SOC. Take care Hector!!
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Good luck to you Hector

I will be your biggest cheerleader!

You were the first one who made me realize how important and life changing having a support group is. I have lots of great friends and wonderful family - including my son, my Biggest Advocate! But it's different when you talk to people who have faced similar battles.

I always remember that first support group that I attended at the transplant wing of the hospital and your comment when we left

"I get to walk out of here"

That's it in a nutshell. You gave me hope when I had pretty much given up.

Thanks for that perspective and putting me on the road to finding out everything I can about this disease so that I can finally conquer it.


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Just wanted you to know that this support family would not be the same without you.   Thank you so much for all that you do.
Might I also add well wishes to you Hector, thru Tx and SVR.
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I also wanted to state that you are,
Hector G1b, Post Liver Transplant, Sovaldi, Olysio + Ribavirin
Started on 8-29-2014
            I am impressed to hear you are going well above the call of duty to help others. Do keep us posted on how you are doing weekly. I hope you don't get mad for me posting your genotype, etc. it saves people time in trying to locate your post to Cindy. Which also was some great educated information.  Again. I am going to continue to say prayers for you as you are going to eradicate this beast that has tried to make your body its permanent home. Tell it to get out of you and your body is no longer its home! It no longer has a place in your body, your home, and\or your mind. When you reach SVR and I agree you will then you can think and talk all about it that you want because then it will only be a fading memory. Good Luck with the drugs as they have a BIG job to do. I'm just trying to say, take control of your body and don't give an inch. It has been with you too long and you don't deserve it's grip on you any longer. You will have brighter days,  months, years to enjoy being free and finally taking your body and life back. Positive thoughts bring positive reactions. This I know you know but you've also had three days of RIBA, lol. start thinking about plans for next summer. Make a bucket list. Sincere thoughts your way! GoGG
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Good luck Hector.

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You are one heck of a survivor and my hero.
I'm sure you'll beat the demon Hep C this time around.
Luv ya~OH
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Love you my friend, keep your head up looking for all the good things coming your way!

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