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Totally of subject, TN Tornandos

Just if anyone is interested I am inserting a link to the Jackson Sun Paper in Jackson, TN. They have unbelievable pictures of the Storms Wrath.


All you have to do is look at front page..
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its really really sad... those people are facing allthis and we think we have alot to go thru..they have nothing.. Lets all keep them in our prayers..
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I tell ya, tornados freak me OUT. I lived in Austin when that F5 went through Jarrel about 40 miles north of Austin and took houses off the foundation. An entire neighborhood with nothing but slabs and no wreckage to be seen for miles. It was late in the afternoon and I had just moved there and I looked outside and it was raining SO intense I told my boss...you know...maybe we should take come cover or sumthin'. He was like 'aahhhh it rains like this all the time here' and I was like, 'uhmm ...*gulp* ...really ?' ( It doesn't, of course ) Another time on the Oklahoma turnpike near Tulsa, at night,  I swear I thought we were gonna die. The car just leaked water like we were underwater and shook in the wind. It was skeeery stuff.
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Thanks for that. It is terrible :{

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Hey, This just kinda put make what I and everyone else here is going through seem kinda mild or not so bad.

L ynn
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