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Treatment or not?

I was diagnosed with Hep C in 2001. I naively assumed that since my mother was asymptomatic that I was as well. I recently got the results from my first liver biopsy which tell otherwise. My swelling is 1-2 and scarring 2. My doctor has recommended Interferon and Ribavirin. I've only heard horrible things about this treatment (low success rate, side effects, etc.) Can anyone give me any advice in considering this treatment or help in finding something else? I feel like all of this has been sprung on me in the last two weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I say treat but someone will say otherwise - it's a personal call - listen to your doctor
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I chose to treat because I was a Stage 3, Grade 3 and I really wanted to attempt treatment before I turned 50 (I'm 47 now).  If I had been a Stage 2 like you I may have held off a bit on treatment.  Like PSP said, it's a personal call.

Genotype 1a, Stage 3, Grade 3
Finished 48 weeks of tx on 4/13/07
Hoping for SVR on Sept. 20, 2007
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I was stage 2 grade 3. I am only 38 yrs old. I chose to treat .  To me it was worth giving it a shot . I didn't want my liver to be damaged any more than it is.  That was my personal choice. New drugs are coming in a few yrs that have less side effects and higher rates of success. You can see if you can get into a trial drug study. Some people on this forum are in trial study's right now. Good luck to you either way.........
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What genotype are you? It sounds like you can wait for the new treatments coming out in 2009. Treatment time will be cut in half for genotype 1 patients. Don't worry. You have time. I was stage 3 so I had to treat.
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has it been announced that the trial drugs will pass FDA, be in mass production at the phama, and on the Insurance Companies list of approved drugs and available to the market in 2009, did I miss something?
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Its defintely a very personal decision with many factors. I have just decided to treat , Im 1A Stage 2.
Hopefully by years end I will begin tx.

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No one knows for certain when the new drugs will be available and no one knows for certain how fast your fibrosis will progress. Keep that in mind when you read the advice here.  People can make educated guesses and that's all they can do.  As has been said, it is a very personal decision that should be made after discussion with a good hepatologist. One size doesn't fit all Maggie so educate yourself and do what feels right to you. Good luck, Mike
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I havent heard of any drug that will be FDA approved and be out by 2009 either....to date no one has that answer....
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Also keep in mind that no one can tell you in advance how you will react to the treatment drugs. Some here have significant problems both during and after treatment. Take a day or so and back read posts in this forum and in our more medically oriented forum and you'll get more of a perspective: http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Hepatitis/wwwboard.html

My take is that as someone who has stage 2 damage, you still have time to make a decision. Meanwhile keep seeing your doctor and keep an other eye on some of the newer drugs in trial like Teleprevir which hopefully will be avail in 2009.

Don't let anyone here scare you into not treating or into treating. There are definitely risks and rewards to both opinions. Now you have mine.

-- Jim
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Iam stage 2 grade 2 and iam treating now almost 1 week,and its doable as long as u drink plenty of wtr,I went back to work today..my job is stand up job all day, it drain me but iam gonna do this.. GOD is my refuge.I was saved by his grace..    
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Thanks so much to everyone. I'm so glad I found this forum. It seems no one close to me really wants to discuss the details of all of this. I know it's hard on them too, but I need someone to talk to. Thanks for all of the advice. I'm not sure what I'll end up doing. I have to meet with a teaching nurse next week to go over more details of treatment. I've heard of other treatments that may be available sometime in the future so I may look into that a bit more. I'm 26 and I've been told that sides aren't as bad for younger patients. Does anyone know anything about this?
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Also I am 1a. I know this is the least respondent.
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