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Two week post tx result

Still undetectable!!  I never made it this far without a relapse in the previous 7 tries!

GGT still very elevated.  I don't feel like another biopsy now, so I will give it 6 months and see what happens.

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You the man Eric!!!!  It's great to see and bodes so well for the rest of us.  The is new hope for past SOC treatment failures.  I think it's just tremendous.


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Two weeks AND holding.  I look forward to continuing posts like these from you, each one a cause celebre !!!
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Fabulous! Keep the failth. We are all praying for you.
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Good Luck...wishing you all the best!  GingerB
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congrats and keep us posted.....it gives us all hope
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Rock On!

This is the superb news we've all been waiting to hear.

And I'm going to keep my fingers, my toes and my eyes crossed for you!

Love to you and Mafalda!

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A: so glad about this! youre on your way, and now you'll have to give us a boat ride to the Bahamas....!

Meki: so good to see you here again!
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Congratulations .... Dont worry so much about the liver enzymes, mine took about 3 mths post tx to normalize, and have never gone out of range again, 18mths post tx now.  Why so soon for the liver biopsy?  Iam waiting 5yrs....Hope you start noticing improvement in how you feel soon. Is your mood getting better?.....So happy for you...Leah
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Congradulations,!!!!, I think after what youv'e been thru, you deserve SVR more than anyone
I have seen...
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Thank you so much for the support.

I am feeling better and my mood is improving steadily.

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Great news! No one deserves SVR more than you! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you also.

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Bahamas sound wonderful!

Yeah --- how many can fit on your boat? LMAO!

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Brent: Thanks!

Meki, Forseegood: Plenty of room for you both and more!

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Foresee - whatcha think? LOL!

I'm so ready for a boat trip.

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WONDERFUL ! This has to soooo boost your spirits, hopes as per previous tx's. So glad to hear it.

  I get butterflies (okay, all emotional) when I see a "UND, SVR" post.
You'll get it Eric, this time is a charm.

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Way to go man!  Thanks for posting,

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Congradulations, I came here today to fine out about you and FLGUY, this is Great news .
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There is a good reason you made it this far my friend.............you no longer have any of the virus left in you to register so you are and shall remain undetectible from now on.

That's a pretty cool concept isn't it?

In other words.........WAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOO!

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Good news!
Good luck!
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Fantastic!  Thrilled for you.

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This really is a huge step forward for us all, thanks Eric. jerry
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Congratulations!  You deserve SVR forever after all those attempts.  You're an inspiration!
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Thanks for all your support!!
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