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UNDETECTED AT 24 Weeks !!!!

Hello !I have emerged again this time with good news - UNDETECTED at 6months in Tx .!!!I  have not checked our forum for last few weeks due to my crazy life and feeling horrible,so I am trying to catch up and  now  see so many wonderful news ,people getting SVR ,it is really encouraging !!! Now would be  just enough time for me to stop but I have to go for ANOTHER 6 MONTHS.Iam really not sure how I will do it but I will try my best to go for it too.Love you all,Naya
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Hey Naya.  Yes, the halfway point was a significant milestone for me and a tough one as well.  Now you know that you made it this far, its just a matter of continuing and hanging in there for the remainder as long as the sides don't go beyond tolerable.  Keep on chugging along, the weeks will pass and you'll suddenly realize you only have a month, then a few weeks left.  Fortunately, these are the cooler months coming up and may help keep the rashes on other things down for you.  Best to you.  
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   Great news, Naya!  Try not to think of it in terms of "6 months more" because that amount of time seems over-whelming.
    I kind of took it, one week (and shot) at a time, and so I counted by weeks..it seemed easier somehow.
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Flcyclist said it well.

I just finished 48 weeks of treatment. It was a long time, but the weeks and months flew by quickly during the last part of the treatment. Now I am feeling pretty good, in some ways better than before treatment. Hang in there. You are on the home stretch now.
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Hey way to go. So far so good. I'm at 8 1/2 months and there are days when it seems like like time is crawling and days when I don't even think about treatment. Days when I feel OK.

Just gotta keep on keepin' on.
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I am looking forward to cooler weather,this summer was incredibly long and hot I just could'nt tolerate it. Hope you doing very well.Naya
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Thank you all for your comments,I know you guys who are ahead of me and doing 48weeks.are really brave  I, admire you ! I was thru 48 weeks before with no problems  but I was also younger  ,this is actualy my 5th year on Interferon/2therapies and 2 years Interferon mainttenance before this tx/This time is completely different  experience and some of the symptoms are getting actually worse - like muscle aches which now last almost whole week vs day or two .I am trying to be active  but I fell 2x on sidewalk on the same knee and torn some ligament and cannot even bend it now.My hair is almost gone  and i was always 'hair conscious' but now it does not even bother me anymore.Well enough complaining for today.,,forgive me all ,I just felt like relieving some frustration ,I know you understand
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Congratualtions on your UND status at your half way marker. I remember when you started tx. Time is flying and so are you on your way to EOT and SVR. Best wishes and take care  :)
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Congratulations on your milestone, it is true that you have to break down the time into increments

Is the glass half full or half empty

It has to be doubly hard for you since you have been on the INF for so long
This time the tx will work, I just know it
Hang in there!

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Great news...
So glad to hear you're doing well and making progress toward SVR.

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