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Simple question,who has taken vaccines and for what diseases.I foe one are totally against the flu vaccines.
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polio, hep a, hep b, pneumonia, flu, and a bunch for exotic diseases (I forget which) when I was travelling in Egypt and throughout Asia.

I'm a big believer in vaccines and if there is ever a hep c vaccine I'l be first in line.
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Hep A goes away on its own BTW.
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Most developed countries require vaccinations for things like school admission, travel, professions. Not sure what is required in Canada though.
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   Hep A may go away on its own but if you have Hep C and get Hep A along with it your Liver is in big tbl.
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Yes,hep A is contracted by feces and peolpe not washing there hands hand handling foods,i never eat in restaraunts.I am very careful .even tho most countries .even canada require heath workers and evn police and firemen to get vaccined for all duseases,there is a controversy over a few cases where people are refusing to get vaccinated.Its not mandatory in Canada for Joe Blow the shot,even the swine flu shot is optional.They are thinking about closing schools by Sept ive been reading
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If i was going to get any vaccine,i think the wisest one to get is for Hep A,thats  if you are ready have one or more of the others because A is the easiest to catch....now this is just the way i feel about vaccinations,im not suggesting anyone  not get the shots.And you all know there is mecury and other goodies in the mix...FACT
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