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I just noticed on CNBC that they just today reported that Vertex Pharma, the Incevik company had their first ever quarterly profit.  I guess they are selling lots of Incevik.
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"“More than 17,000 people with hepatitis C have started treatment with INCIVEK since its approval in May, underscoring the strength of the launch,” said Nancy Wysenski, RN, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer.

I would have guess at a higher number
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I wonder how many are taking the Victrelis?  I think it was approved one day before the Incivek was approved back during May.
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The blew the doors of the Wall Street estimates and are on track to have the fastest rise to profitability of any biotech firm ever.

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When one considers that 17K number includes backlog/pent up demand from those waiting on the new tx, the numbers were not as impressive as the analysts would lead you to believe. I believe the stock will be trading in the 30's in short order (yes, pun intended)
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so why is their stock tanking?  Hi at FDA approval was $54, never to reach that again.  Now has slipped in the $30s
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  I haven't been on the forum in a while. What is Incivek ? I thought Vertex was making Telapriver !
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Incevik is Telepravir. It was called Teleprevir when it was a trial drug.
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Opps spelled it wrong
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There are no real SVR's in post clinicals yet. We have to wait out another 9 months to see the real deal when the true bloods come rolling in. Only then will the truth be put to paper. I worked at NYSE for close to 9 yrs and have seen this happen b4. If i had some cash I'd buy what I could. I'd even buy Merck, the VA just signed a contract w them for Victrelis for the Vets. Yeah it'll be great to see all these SVR's.
Late August, the # of patients on INC including clincals was at 8k so I wonder if 17k includes those in the waiting queue, like I was; for two months b4 tx began. Sometimes it's nice to fluff the pillows so to speak. There are still sooooo very many Drs who know NOTHING about these drugs and are putting horrible info out to our fellow heppers who could be tx.  Pray for us all, continue to fight the good fight. Kbow that we are like the clincal folks, pioneers in a new drug and brave enough to check it out unforseen so to speak, all in the name of Life.  Healing happy vibes :)
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There are still sooooo very many Drs who know NOTHING about these drugs and are putting horrible info out to our fellow heppers who could be tx.
Well said....." I have always maintained  "Pharma may have put the drugs in clinical practice somewhat hastily before proper explicit training was given to many treating doctors. Possibly some of their new found profit should be invested in hiring reps to train ,,rather than be so quick to sell..
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Yeah, but if you get doctors to thinking, they might start thinking "Which patients could still treat with SOC and respond without the added sx and which paients aren't going to respond even with a PI added on?" You start them to thinking like that, and there goes your new "SOC" along with 75% of your profits. Wouldn't want your product to only be Rxd to the 25% who actually need it to sustain a response.
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Excellent point. I guess" thinking doctors "is not something drug companies are readily promoting when prescribing these drugs Hence the beautiful  young reps  taking docs to expensive lunches and dinners and offers of free trips to prescribe "their drug"'
Yes profit is always first and foremost....I guess my comment was more to do with the  mechanics of treatment now with these very powerful meds ( ie training better on futility rules, how and when to properly prescribed  rescues, vs. dose red. or trans.,exact times to test for Vl., etc,etc) Just here on the forum we unfortunately have seen wild fluctuations by doctors on all these ,so we can only imagine what is going on widespread.
However ,I guess proper extensive training of all treating doctors would  cost the drugs companies considerably and hence less profit... :)  

It is great these meds have finally arrived and even better still what is more than likely to come in the future for HCV.. I would just like to have seen better ,more detailed and explicit instruction given to those trusted to administer them. as are oncologists overseeing chemo for cancer patients....

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I'm happy these meds are finally here also. For a long time it semed like 'a long wait for a train that don' come' - just wish we knew more about which patients would benefit from them most. I hate to see people suffering unnecessarily. In a couple years it will probably be moot anyway. The obscene 'patent' on the HepC virus is set to expire soon and I suspect we'll be awash in new drugs. The fact that a handful of pills for a 12 week course of tx costs 10s of thousands of dollars leads me to suspect that there are others who see this about to happen also.
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There are no real SVR's in post clinicals yet.

Not exactly true, if I understand your meaning.  I am SVR after finishing a trial with INC over 2 yrs ago.  I'm sure there are many more like me.  Or maybe I didn't understand you?
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" I worked at NYSE for close to 9 yrs" does that mean you failed to beat the S&P index 70% of the time as studies have shown..or are you in the 30% category?
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I'm with you on this.....hopefully our SVR "patents" don't expire soon, because I'm quite sure the ones for Vic or Inc won't anytime soon.

Now a patent expiration for all the Wall Street woes....that's another story, lol!!!
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Isobella, tip of the day--buy  MCD, the McRib is back.
ahhh, McRib(29 grams of fat) and a Incevik back chaser.

.rumor has it, VRTX and MCD are striking a deal.
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PS: I have a patch on my Geico motorcycle jacket that says "30%er"
:*) Pro
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Ahh, so that rumor IS true.  Just a matter of time until we see the MCD "Hepper special"  :o)
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Off to call the broker.....McVertex...super size mine!!!
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When I state SVR's and clinicals I meant in real time presscriptions written after FDA apprvl and to market. There are still no "real" numbers post clinicals as yet. Firsts will be June 2012.

I do apologize for the error and/confussion or any offense taken by our many CLinicals who fought for us and did the tx for us  to have these drugs.
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The training began about 2 months ago and mt Dr and RN have been to 4 weekend symposiums since.
The fadt tracking and push to get to mkt dud nit allow for time to train. Originally these tx weren't expected to be appvd till Sept 2011, then moved up by FDA.
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I just finished 12 weeks of incivek and after the 4th week i was showing negative for hep c. i am on my 12th week and just finished the incivek. i still am showing negative for hep c. i am happy but also scared since this is a new drug. has anyone else been on this drug yet and have good, long lasting results?
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I was wondering why my vertex stock dropped $20 a share in the last month or so. Even on days the market is up it still loses money. I thought once it got approved their stock would go way up. Now they show their first profit and stock is still heading down. Can't figure it out

Maybe they had to pay big bucks to insiders at the FDA :)
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