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Lets do something.

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I'm with Rocker on this - it's time we took care of the needs of the people. By God, folks are suffering. Let's take some action.


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So you agree with the guy in your video - Americans should stop buying Canadian made goods?

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Does he say that?...well thats one point i think he may need to reconsider....US and Canada need each other..we have the resources and you have the cash
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YOU can even download and save all the recent movies that just came out..DVD quailty
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BTW....only play and download VEOH movies...the mega video install a toolbar...not good

ive been using this for 10 years

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At 1:05 "...stop exporting my Nation's vital industries to foreign shores..."

Unfortunately, this person mixes a lot of valid, commonsense points (i.e. reserving social benefits to those who've contributed to them) with a lot of inflammatory sillieness.
A good first step in preventing future messes like the one we're now in, might be to hold accountable those who created them during the last eight years. Also, anyone like Rush Limbaugh who is found to be profiteering by openly inciting this country's failure during a time of crisis should be prosecuted accordingly.
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