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It took a really long time to get the results for week 8 but am very pleased! YEAH!!!!!  Started week 10 today with 10th shot tonight. on 24 week triple tx riba, pegasys and incevik.
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Congratulations!!  Very happy for you.  The new drugs are great!
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nice going!!
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Yes! Thanks for the good news.
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Boy I guess you go crazy waiting on labs.
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Congratulations.  Way to go!

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Great news, 24 weeks it is!  Makes it all worth it, doesn't it? You are almost half way there, it will go fast now~
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A big thanks to all! Only those on this side of the fight understands what each and every step, set back and accomplishment means...You all mean so much. Have a great sleep all  :)
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Great news!! I do my 8 wk. test tomorrow. Won't find out for a week. Again, YEAH!
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Wonderful  news on a Friday morning.
I'm waiting on Week 8 labs so I know how relieved you must be.

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Great job and fantastic news!  Keep it up

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Excellent!  Only 2 weeks left of the INC, then you can coast your way through the next 12 weeks.  Ahhh...
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I'm with you today. I also got the 8 Week UNDETECTED report.
I  told you earlier mine was coming and it did.
We can both do the happy dance tonight.
I'l be taking Shot 9 and thinking of you tonight.

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Atta Girl! Great news for your as well. I did some crazy moves that I saw on Dancing with the stars...HA...Great fun! Great Happy Dance!  Thank you. I am with you as well!
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Loving all the good news.
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