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Wahoo! SVR!

Hi friends, I got my 1 year mark blood test result, and my doctor emailed me, she used the words "cured from hep C", she says she considers the triple therapy a cure, and I have remained UND since week 2 of the start of TX is September 2011. I'm so happy to hear this news! She says the only way that the virus will come back, is if I re-contract it from someone. My boyfriend has never been tested and we have been together for 4 years, so that scares me a little, but we have been extremely careful, we never share razors or toothbrushes, and no intercourse during menstration (sorry if that's too much info.) Anyway, I really am relived, and than you for all of your support. Also, I have been getting a lot of headaches and my feet have been extremely numb every morning for months. I just got a random blood glucose test, and my result was on the low side. It was 68 mg/dl, the standard range for Kaiser is 70 - 140 mg/dl. I eat so much, and I my weight stays down, easier than ever in my life (nothing to complain about), but this stuff concerns me a little. Who knows if it's related to the interfuron, ribivirin, or Boceprevir, but I'll keep you all posted. xoxo
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Ciera I am soooo happy for you!!!!!!!!!!  Congrats and go jump out of a plane or something :)

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This is such wonderful news. I am so happy for you. Congratulations! Time to have a celebration party.   : )
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Fabulous ! Congratulations.
Get out those dancing shoes and kick up your heels !
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thank you for sharing the good news!!!
live long and prosper
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Wooohoooo!  Big smiles for you Ciera.  I was thinking the same thing as Jules -but don't forget the parachute.  :-))
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I am so happy for you....you did it, congrats. you're now free
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Love hearing the good news; cheers!
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Congrats to you and live life always to the fullest!!!
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congrats on your good news!!!  have a wonderful hep c free future.  belle
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Congratulations! Have beautiful life!
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  That is great news :D
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Another angel got their wings...
Enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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Congratulations!!!!   High Five!!!!
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Congratulations on this wonderful news!  Enjoy!
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wonderful news.  very happy for you.  enjoy your new life!
gingerpal (also svr)
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Congratulations! :)
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I am so very happy for you!   Congratulations!
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