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Went to GP for lactulose script, A, B, Pneumonia Vaccs

So I saw someone in my GP's office (any available doctor) and tried to give him my reasons for getting a perscription for lactulose. He had a suttle fit that it wasn't mainstream medically accepted for non-chirosis HCV carriers. I told him that I probably wasn't going to take enough to blow the backside of my pants off, but I wanted the option to try it. He got all huffy about supplements and how I was wasting my money and that there was no science. I guess I wouldn't have expected anything less of him. He wouldn't take the printout I had made from discussions on this forum. Said he wouldn't read it because it wasn't scient. Anyway, I got the script and decided not to talk about all the other stuff I am interested in. Jerk off. Walk a mile in my liver you conservative putz.

Anyway, the nurse came back in and bang, bang, bang, I got the A, B, and pneumonia vaccines. (or the first in the series for A and B). God bless nurses.

Went to the dentist earlier in the day and told the hygenist when she asked me if there were any changes in my health (hell yes). She was really accepting and went to ask the dentist and the dentist just said, "active TB is the only one we can't do work on". It wasn't even a yes/no about me. They made me feel really good about myself. I wasn't going to tell them I was so worried.

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Just be sure to start by taking the stuff at night.

-- Gassy
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Thanks. Probably just take half a dose. If it helps stave off fibrosis in a chirotic liver, it should do the same in a *normal* HCV liver, no? I don't think being chirotic makes the lactulose act any different.

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I think it does something like inhibit ammonia production. Haven't been following any regime with the stuff, probably going to do half dose at bedtime or quarter dose with each meal or just take it when I eat a lot of protein. Bi-product of protein digestion is ammonia. The goal is to keep the ammonia and enzymes down, no?

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Lactulose  (prebiotic) helps your digestion bacteria clear out impurities (like ammonia). Lactobacillus GG (probiotic) actually puts these friendly bacteria into your system.
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Lactulose is totally harmless and very beneficial, since the bacteria that thrive upon it will expand in numbers and  pushback/replace the ones that use leftover amino acids as foodstuff, producing ammonia and other toxic products.  You titer it down to the extent that the gas production ( hydrogen and carbondioxide)/bowel frequency is tolerable.

In stages of life threatening intoxication of the brain from intestinal toxic products that the damaged liver cannot handle anymore - ammonia AND other products - enemas with up to 200ml of lactulose are given and are life saving.

Lactulose is not absorbed into the bloodstream at all. If it would, it would still  be quickly excreted in the kidneys, since it is extremely water soluble. It is a simple sugar , for which we have no import/transmembrane transport mechanism available, so we do not have the capacity to enter it into our intracellular milieu.
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And now I know the rest of the story! Thank you very much!

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