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Whart would your reaction be?

What would your reaction be if you found out that a friend of yours had tried to purchase a life insurance policy on you without your knowledge, knowing that you tested positive for Hep C and the possibility of it being a fatal disease?

This recently happened to me. Apparently they wouldn't issue a policy on me and he was turned down. I was surprised, and a little disturbed, to find out about this and he couldn't understand why. I just wondered what others might think if it happened to them.
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What even.
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Wow! That is extremely disturbing and I can't even imagine it. Me, I would contact an attorney or your state insurance commissioners office to see if it is even legal to do! Maybe the insurance company that he tried to go through could give you some guidance if you want to pursue it.

If you want to keep the friendship (would really need to be someone very close to you), then he's got some serious splainin' to do, and he better understand how far this crossed the line. I don't think I would be comfortable with a friend who would do that whatsoever!

Good luck,

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If this happened to me I would think that my "friend" is a person completely lacking in character.  That is disgusting , tryinging to profit from from your illness.  

He can't understand why you find this disturbing?  This doesn't sound like anybody who should be in your life.

FYI, it is public policy that a life insurance policy purchased by and payable to a person who does not have an "insurable interest" in the insured is void from its inception.  
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If it's not a direct relative ( to make it short) .....a person must have a 'vested interest' in the person to take a life insur. policy on another. Ask the a*shole what's his 'vested interest'. What a moron!

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You find out who your friends are when you have an illness like HCV.  Some disappear mysteriously, some ask you what they can do to help and they do what they are able to do no matter if it's small or big .. and others ... well, they take out insurance policies on you behind your back apparently.  I'm very sorry this happened to you.

He DOES understand why you're disturbed and upset.  Or else he would have been upfront in the first place about the policy and simply told you he was doing it or asked you if it was okay.  He got caught.  So now he's got to cover up for himself and he's bluffing.  And now you're second-guessing yourself.  

It's like placing a bet on you to die and hoping he'll come out a winner.   If he was any kind of friend...instead of taking out an insurance policy on you, he'd be asking you how he can support you and hoping you'll get through this.  Did this guy's past partners happen to pass away under mysterious circumstances by chance?  You might wanna keep an eye on this one.

That's a hitting you right between the eyes comment and I hope I'm not being TOO direct.  That's how I see it.  

Take care and best of luck.


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I'm confused?!
How could you not know this?
Don't you have to take a physical and /or have an interview?
Doesn't HIPPA prevent anyone from looking at your medical records?
( I just did my shot last night so maybe I just don't comprehend/understand)
Aren't there steps one needs to go through to get life insurance?
(Especially as a 2nd party)  It's not like you trying to get a policy
for yourself and having a benificiary.
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I'm not under any kind of pretense what kind of person he is. A friend like him is just someone you've let get close enough to you to stab you in the back. I can't say I wasn't stunned to find out though.

We had got on the subject of mail and he made a smartassed remark about how he got mail in my name at his address all the time. After some questioning it came to light this mail was from insurance companies and he had been trying to take out a policy on me in my name with him as the beneficiary. He danced around it by saying his plan was for us both to take out insurance policies on each other, he was diagnosed with colon cancer last year, but no mention of this so called plan was made till I found out about it on my own some time later.

He is not expected to live beyond a few more months and I will, in all likelihood, outlive him. However I haven't talked to him since.
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Your friend is not an enlightened investor. Hep C people can live a very long time and the payoff on a policy on such a person's eventual demise could probably be a long way out. Now, if you new a person with say, colon cancer, that could have prospects for a shorter term return on investment.
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yes,yes....i am warming to our financial advisor -in-residence,FLGuy....fake right,turn left and bet this miscalculating scoundrel goes first!!But be a mensch and do inquire if investing on his premature demise upsets his own sense of moral relativism....whatta scumbag
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Something is wrong here. If he's going to die in a few months why take out an insuranc policy on you? Sounds like he impersonated you by applying in your name. You may want to contact the legal authorities and certainly make sure he doesn't keep getting any of your mail. You also might want to request a copy of all three of your credit reports to make sure he hasn't taken out a credit card or made other purchases in your name. There are also identitity theft services that monitor these sorts of things.

-- Jim
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He didn't make purchases in my name or kill any past associates and I won't be reporting him to the popo or taking out a policy on him.

I only put the question forward because someone else said they wouldn't be upset at all and would welcome someone profiting from their demise, but they didn't have hep or any other potentially fatal disease. I just wanted to hear the reaction from people who did.

Not because I didn't know how to handle the situation or was crushed by it.
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That is pretty crude of that person trying to profit from it.   but its not like they would have given it to them anyway.  You cannot even up your own life insurance policy ( have HepC) without having cleared the virus.  I believe its 2 or 5 years clear before they will even let you up your own insurance  . Just from experience, as I tried to up mine last year when the new year came around for 2007, and was time to reselect ins coverages at work.  but they made me go for an exam and turned it down due to the HepC.
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