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What insurance company will cover a successfully treated hep C person

I have to change insurance companies because I have moved into an area my prior insurance company does not practice in.   I was treated for Hep C successfully in 2003 and have no remaining virus in my system.  I spoke to the first insurance company today which is a national organization and huge and was told they will decline me regardless of the outcome.  They will only cover previously treated Hep A and B patients.  What to do?  I am not looking for treatment.    I am in perfect health.  How will I get insurance if insurance companies are not covering prior Hep C patients.
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If this is private health insurance that you are speaking of. Most if not all will turn you down for having a pre-existing condition or charge you so much per month most people can't afford it.

Thanks to The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly called Obamacare as of Jan. 1, 2014 the insurance companies so-called pre-existing  clause will be illegal. You will be able to obtain heath insurance and can't be penalized for having had or having hepatitis C and other diseases.

In the meantime the option is...
PCIP was created in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has primary responsibility for the program but contracts with states to implement and manage it.
If you want to get healthcare coverage before 1/1/2014 check out the PCIP program in your state.


The instructions on this page apply ONLY to people who live in states served by the federally-run PCIP...

To qualify for PCIP, you must:

Have a pre-existing condition
Be a U.S. citizen, or live in the U.S. legally
Have been without health coverage for the last 6 months
You are NOT eligible for PCIP coverage if:
You have other insurance coverage, even if it doesn’t cover your medical condition
You’re enrolled in a state high risk pool
You have Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, VA or TRICARE coverage
You have job-based coverage, including COBRA, or continuation of coverage, even if it’s about to end
You have a limited benefit plan

Documents You Need to Show Eligibility for PCIP

When you apply in states served by the federally-run PCIP, you’ll need to provide a copy of at least ONE of these documents to show you’re eligible:

District of Columbia
North Dakota
South Carolina
West Virginia

A denial letter from an insurance company for individual insurance coverage (not health insurance offered through a job) dated within the past 12 months. Or, you may provide a letter dated in the past 12 months from an insurance agent or broker licensed in your state that shows you aren’t eligible for individual insurance coverage from one or more insurance companies because of your medical condition. The denial letter must include:

Insurance Company Denial Letter
Your first and last name
Name of the licensed insurance company on official letterhead
A statement that you’re not eligible for coverage because of your pre-existing condition
Agent/Broker Denial Letter
Your first and last name
Name and business address of the agent or broker’s insurance agency
Agent or broker’s state producer license number
Name of at least one insurance company that has, or would have, denied you health coverage because of a pre-existing medical condition
A statement that you’re not eligible for the insurance company’s coverage because of your pre-existing condition

An offer of individual insurance coverage (not health insurance offered through a job) dated within the past 12 months that you didn’t accept because it didn’t cover your medical condition. This offer of coverage must have a rider that says your medical condition won’t be covered if you accept the offer. The offer letter with a rider must include:
Your first and last name
Name of the insurance company on official letterhead
A rider with an effective date, and a date when it expires or can be removed
A statement that the rider won’t cover your specific medical condition
NOTE: Even if you currently have insurance coverage that doesn’t cover your specific medical condition, you are not eligible for the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan.

If your state isn’t in the list above, it means your state is one of 27 states
running its own PCIP.

Good luck to you!
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Is it life insurance or health insurance you're speaking of?  Although I am cured, I cannot get life insurance coverage until I've been cured for 10 YEARS!!!  I think it's ridiculous.
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Health insurance.  What insurance company said they would cover you after 1 years?  
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Sorry, I was speaking of life insurance, and they said they wouldn't cover me till I'd been cured for TEN years.  I didn't know a health insurance company could decline you.  Years ago I tried to get a new health insurance policy as an individual (while I still had HCV) and they said they'd cover me...for more than $2000 a month!!!  I could not afford that so I went for a while with no health insurance.
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Great information.  And on target.  Thank you for your very extensive research.
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