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Who in the election will fight for our cause?

I didn't know how to title this post...  

Without getting into a big political debate, can someone tell me, which candidates, on each side, will best be helping the Hep C research funding?    It doesn't matter to me, whether you are saying Democrat/Republican/Indep., or whatever, I'm just curious if anybody knows from past history, researching this, or anything like that???   I'm not saying which party I'm affliated with, that doesn't matter in the general election anyway because you can vote across party lines in that election if you so choose.    Anyway, I'm really curious about this.  I'm also wondering if there's some website that might tell me where the various candidates stand in their past support of HIV, since I figure that if they have a good history with supporting HIV/AIDS research that they might care about HCV.  Anyway, any info would be appreciated.  I hope that this will not end up being a debate because that's not what I'm looking for.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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I'm not sure if anyone can answer this question with great authority...but I will say this...there has been a lot of advocacy for other diseases, as we all know...and what party has done the most, in terms of public awareness, fund raising, etc...for AIDs, and a host of other diseases, particularly those with stigmas associated with them, like ours? The most basic research will answer that, and I'm sure people can guess...I'm not up for a big political discussion (they are so draining! ha ha) and I'm too busy...but I will throw this out there...not to say any party has done enough for our disease particularly,....good question though, food for thought.
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None of the above.

Sorry I'm so cynical, Susan, but that's how i feel.

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" I'm also wondering if there's some website that might tell me where the various candidates stand in their past support of HIV, since I figure that if they have a good history with supporting HIV/AIDS research that they might care about HCV. "

I have had cause to think about this recently here in UK because my local politician started to send me AIDs literature after I wrote to him about HCV.  It turns out he does not even have an HCV mailing list so my name got filed under HIV although I don't have HIV.

It seems to me, at least talking about the UK, that the HIV bandwagon is so well established that any mainstream respectable politician just about has to be on it.  In addition, people in this country have access to antivirals which work, therefore are not dropping dead so much, so the horror and death is not among the voting public.  It has become sanitised, acceptable.      

On the other hand, HCV here seems to hardly be in the public awareness at all, except for those who have had friends die.  A huge percentage of people here are still undiagnosed.  I believe that the powers that be want HCV to stay lurking in the shadows so that people don't come forward to be tested until better drugs are found, otherwise the socialized heath service will go under with the demand on funding and resources.

So my point is that it would take a courageous politician to grasp this nettle.  It was once that way with AIDS too, so maybe the best way to find your guy or gal candidate is to go back far enough in history to a time when it took guts to stand up and support AIDS.


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It does not matter what they say before they get elected cause they lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But if you can overlook the religon aspect the mormon seems to be pretty level headed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Are you kidding ? Nobody is going to mention HCV until it comes out of the closet.
As long as it is seen as 'that druggie disease', nothing is going to change.

The best we can hope for in a candidate, is one who supports true health care over insurance co. profits. So if the lobby system doesn't change...
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I couldnt resist...that's what the"Mormon" is going to do, help us with HCV....not that any of them will directly, but come on! Spacey...call the mothership!
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I'm with Wyntre on this one
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
Don't get fooled again
No, no!


Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss
The Who
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At the risk of stirring up a boiling pot, if I were a Democrat, I think Edwards has the best healthcare policies.  They're more developed than those of the other candidates.  If I were a Republican, I'd say that Huckabee has the most heart.  At least he knows where he stands, he's human, and he seems to care about people.  Of course, he thinks our planet is 10,000 years old...

Basically, I don't think any of the Republicans has any new ideas about medical insurance except more of the same, perhaps by compulsion.  The Dems seem to be willing to make some changes.  Then they have to battle it out in Congress and nothing will happen.  Harry Truman was the first to try to solve this one, as I recall.
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Kucinich, of course, and I base this on his short stature which probably means short legs which as "Forseegood" has pointed out may mean liver issues, which means he may have more of a personal stake in liver research.  

-- Jim
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and i hear he's got an in with the aliens.  you would think that they would have some advanced medical knowledge.

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thanks jmjm..Kucinich it is (mental note to self)

Jim- that actually made me laugh. Wow!
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Of course, Kucinich's stature further removing him from the Ozone layer may be of concern to some more active environmentalists -- and then there's Wyn's observation about a possible alien connection -- and come to think of it, his wife does look at bit like Sigorney Weaver did back then. Hmm.
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As you guys may know, we had a federal election here in Australia last month.  Prior to the election, Hepatitis Australia  (http://www.hepatitisaustralia.com/index.html)  submitted 7 questions to the major political parties regarding their respective policies relating to viral hepatitis.

The seven questions covered the following areas:

* Public knowledge and understanding of hepatitis C
* Improving hepatitis C treatment uptake
* Development and funding for a National Hepatitis B Strategy
* Harm Reduction Programs
* Hepatitis C in Custodial Settings
* Strengthening Hepatitis B and C Research
* Endorsement and support for the inaugural World Hepatitis Day in 2008

The questions and the responses from the parties can be seen in full on the Hepatitis Australia website, link above. While these aren't relevant to your election, but they are examples of questions that should be asked and the answers considered in voting decisions.

Do you have a body similar to Hepatitis Australia over there?  
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I may get run off for saying this - but I don't view liver disease as the critical issue facing mankind at this point in time. As a stage 4 that issue certainly is near and dear to my heart - but I'll go out on a limb and suggest that when selectig the new leader of the free world, we should maybe consider some bigger issues facing the planet right now.... such as my long-term personal grievance - fat chicks in tube tops. Sure you chuckle, but tube tops are due to roll back around on the wheel of fashion any spring now. And I predict it won't be pretty when that day comes. Laugh at your own peril...

Ducking for cover....  
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Fat Dudes in Speedo's make me just as nauseous!!!    There's nothing more discussing than to see a guy with a beer belly (who looks more pregnant than pregnant), waltzing around on the beach or by the pool in a speedo bathing suit.  Barf!      Susan
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I don't like the picks I'm just saying he is the most level who knows how to manage and I believe will work to get better business relationships in the world, because someone is brought up in the religion does not mean he is a firm believer (where is the mother ship landing) none of them are going to put hep c up front and that you can take to the bank!! Kucinich sees UFO's and the rest are straight up politicians of which I am sick and tired of!! It's the same ole cr ap!!!!!!!!! I gotta go the mother ship just flew over, I wonder if they have the cure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GoofyDad--fat chicks in tube tops need luv too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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No politicians are going to pay any attention to HCV drugs unless it makes their Viagra work better.

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I sort of liked Huckabee (although I am a liberal) but these religious zealots, especially those that want creationism taught in schools and those that change their minds as the winds blow will certainly not think that the druggie diseases are worth fighting for. Probably want us to crawl in a hole and die.  Who was it that NEVER mentioned HIV back in the 80's during his presidency?  I agree with Goof.  Nothing will be done.  And to be fair remember Hillary's health plan? She went with the big dogs.
R Glass may have it right with that who song.  Let's hope not.  
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I try not to label myself lib/conservative etc... because we fall into the game they call politics! I've always felt a little religious, but religion has brought a lot of hell to people on this planet, I think people having faith in something is good for a large majority of the human race and instills a certain amount of morality allowing for our societies to exist, but some day we are going to have to draw the line! Huckabee wanted to quarantine HIV positive people back in the 80’s!!!!!!!! Maybe if I donate enough money I can get that freak ""Benny Hinn"" to lay hands on me,,,, I’ll be cured!
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WE are the ones that will eventually make a difference once we shed the
stigma and are not afraid to come out of the closet (So to speak)
and make our disease known and what it's all about and how it's contracted.
(Not just IV drug use)  

I was a hairdresser for many years and I'm almost 100% sure I got it through that "DIRTY" manicure table.  Those cuticle nippers and other metal implements were never, ever sterilized (Not that barbicide would have done anything anyhow)

I wonder how many politians are HCVpos?  
I guess they think their tired, aching bones are do to age and stress.
Or maybe it's all the money lining their pockets that are weighing their legs down.


Writing out letters to Washington DC or our heads of state doesn't seem to do much good.

I really don't know, it's very fustrating

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You are making sense now buddie!!  It just feels that if the a lot of religious right want to quarenteen us ( excuse my horrible spelling) not the way most religions love us and regard us without sin etc.  I feel spiritual, perhaps not any religon, and that encompasses all people that we are all together and need to take care of each other. Perhaps a bit idealistic,  but I have had some spiritual experiences and believe in them. I don't think that hate belongs in religion, but of course I am not a believer in organized religion. Tried a lot of them and none suited ME.  

X-  I totally agree with you. But we need to gather as a group like the people with HIV did. We need a spokesperson like they have had many. Until that happens, I don't think it will go anywhere. If you want to put together some kind of way to get us all in a lobby, hey I think that could work.  Most of us are sick and not able to go to DC and protest, that's for sure. Wish we could come up with something and also about those speedos and tube tops!!! kidding, I know this is a serious matter.
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Maybe, when the primaries are done and we know which are going to be the major candidates, we could somehow or another send letters out in mass - to each candidate, i.e., if it's Hilary and Mitt or, whoever, (not that I'm advocating for anybody in particular-mind you), and make them see that there are a lot of us out there that we have a voice, would that make any difference?  If nobody ever says anything, that will certainly NOT make a difference, don't you think?  I'm sure that once we find out who those candidates are, that there will be some contact information posted on line w/an address for their campaign contact information, somewhere - don't you think?  

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Susan: I'm with you 100% on the speedos. Those things are for Adonis - not middle age bowlers with hairy backs.

Hey turn a bunch of fat chicks in tube tops loose on Constitution Ave, That'll get some ink. C-Cuppers for Hep-C'ers
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You know, you are one sick puppy!     :)      Susan
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