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a survey for people that did tx

I wanted to do a survey for the people that smoked marijuana during treatment or after there treatment and I wanted to know if you achieved svr or not.this topic has a lot of views but I wanted to know your experience with it.
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Anyone want to comment on this?
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Hi Mike, as you know, I'm from The Bay Area, and have a ton of Pot Clubs in close vicinity of my neighborhood.
   I chose to quit smoking pot, cold turkey, for a couple months, prior to my treatment, because my biopsy showed I had stage 2 fibrosis, and I did find one research study that mentioned DAILY pot-smoking may cause this to happen. As with most addictions, I tend to slip into daily use, so I did have to completely stop smoking, for the couple of months, in order to stop my cravings (mental obsession) concerning pot-smoking.
   That being explained, I did use pot as an alternative to pain pills, sleeping pills and anti-anxiety pills, in the first 4 weeks of my Tx, a few times, the day after my Interferon shot, and did manage to still go Und, at week 4, in the 4 week "lead in" of triple tx, with Victrelis. This means that I cleared the virus, just with the Interferon shot and the Ribavirin.
   I never smoked more then a couple puffs, nothing like how I used to do it, when I was in my twenties, with the "bongathon marathons", etc.
   I know you are worried about this affecting the ultimate out-come (SVR) so just to be on the safe side, and so you wont blame your self, if the worst-case scenario does happen, I would try to limit yourself until you get that final 6 month SVR test.
   For instance, last thursday I ended up taking a toke, with an old friend, but then I havent smoked anything since then. Today is the day I have my HCV support group meeting, and I will be clear-headed, when I speak in front of my group, instead of being all over the map, subject-wise.
   I'm a big believer in moderation, when it comes to my diet, and with smoking herb. But the only way I COULD moderate, was by initially going cold-turkey for those couple of months. The more that is smoked, the more of a tolerance we build, so less is actually better.
  Oh, I also was Und at 12 weeks, but I dont smoke much these days (I'm at 14 weeks) because I have anemia, and need all the breathe and red blood cells I can attain!
  Good luck!!
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I did, no problemo so far.

Basically my doctor allows most anything ( that doesn't affect the meds or is dangerous in some way) as long as it keeps the patient on treatment.

The cannabis brownies helped enormously with muscle pain.

Don't worry Mike, it won't compromise your SVR.
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I was feeling nausous and horrible one day, so I tried to smoke one little hit and felt way worse...I got dizzy... felt horrible, fell asleep, had horrible nightmares,  decided if I feel weird from the treatment that pot wasn't going to going to be the magic fix for me at this time.  But I was und after that, guessing it didn't effect it one way or the other from aspect.
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i'm in a clinical trial and my doctor said it was all right to smoke pot.  i'm glad because it really helped with my aches.  best wishes.  belle
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I do, for my aches mostly and only before bed. I use a vaporizer. Dr. was fine with it. Haven't reached svr yet but am undetected.
I was told to avoid tylenol and the like because of low platelets but the word was pot was okay.
I don't like brain fog and I don't like being stoned 'cause I need to hold on to what clarity I have, so I really keep it to a minimum.
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hi Mike, hope you and yours are doing well. Hey in Calif they let you grow that stuff. and dont throw ya in PRISON ;-)...You make me laugh. hope you and yours are doing well. Will be blowing thru AZ soon I hope.
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i smoked pot twice in the start of tx but couldn't after that...in fact i couldn't stand the smell of it...shortly after tx i started to smoke pot..i only smoke a little bit but most days...white lady from sensi seeds...and iranian g 13 from dr greenthumb...so one is mostly sativa and one is indica...when grown right these are very strong types of weed...the white lady has high thc and the g 13 has lots of cbd....i watch when to pick them..taking some earlier and some a few weeks later so really as far as effect goes i have 4 different highs...if i want to stay up and wide awake i'll smoke the earlier white lady with lots of thc...but if i want to sleep soon or for more aches i'll smoke the later picked g 13.....i just got svr yesterday...i think you would have to smoke a lot of pot to do any damage...unless you got pot from somewhere that used nasty stuff to grow in the pot in...thats why know whats in your pot!.............billy
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I'm gratified to see that there aren't any NOOOOs in the responses. In the past this might have caused a fire storm of negativity and I'm glad not to see any here. Anyway, I smoked pot during txt. It helped me to have an appetite, helped with headache relief, aches and sleeping. All in all pretty damn helpful! I'm almost 2 1/2 years since ending SOC and I'm still SVR so I hope that answers your question.
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Hi Mike: For your survey,no I did not smoke pot during tx. or after.

A study  in the British Medical Journal found that marijuana nearly doubles the risk of vehicle collisions.

Researchers conducted a systematic review of nine studies on the subject of marijuana and driving accidents, which incorporated almost 50,000 participants.

Alcohol impairs drivers' speed and reaction time, while cannabis affects spatial location, said Mark Asbridge, associate professor in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Among impaired drivers, fatally injured drivers, and motor vehicle crash victims, marijuana is the most prevalent illegal drug that has been detected, according to the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse


Marijuana use can lead to a loss of brain volume in individuals who are at risk of developing schizophrenia,

nhttp://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/753398ew research shows.

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I was very happy to hear that they closed down one of the Pot Clubs, in my neighborhood.  This one was particularly dangerous, because it allowed its' patrons to smoke their purchases, in the big, front room. Some people would be in there smoking for hours, and I am not exaggerating.
   I would notice that when I drove past the club, many of the patrons were recklessly driving their cars way too fast, upon exiting and entering the Pot Club parking lot, and I would really have to be extra careful about avoiding accidents, in that one block.
    I always instructed my middle-schoolers who walk to school, to stay in the residential neighborhoods, until they got to the correct street, so my kids wouldn't have to cross the side-walk, where the Club driveway was located.
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  Hey dude are you going to look back on this since this is your poll? Im sorry I could not take the poll, as I do not smoke the stuff. ;-). But I like the way it smells.
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I was gonna go and check the poll...but then I got....
   But seriously, I know Mike is going thru a great time of worry right now, waiting to see if he will reach SVR.  He has youth and good health on his side.
    I am older now, so something like Marajuana would be more likely to sap me of my vitamins. As we age, we just dont regenerate like we used to, etc.
   I wish him all the best and am sending out positive vibes/prayers/energy : )
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