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i missed my teeth cleaning today-have so many appointments with different drs and im so forgetful how am I ever going to remember?? I even wrote it on calendar...now this has me worried...
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well since Im attached to my cell phone I set alrms on my calendar, hopefully I will not miss anymore appointments. thanks for the feedback...have a blessed day!
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well thats a good idea thanks for the help much appreciated. Sometimes I think its age combined with the liver disease....LOL! have to laugh or I would be depressed.
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I have to admit, writing it down on my calendar doesn't always work for me either, I will look, and then forget, later that day, so I do something that looks terrible: I write a note to myself on the back of my hand.
   The nurse at my clinic had forgotten to give me my weekly alotment of Victrelis, week before last, and I had to drive all the way back, before the clinic closed (this has happened twice, and we all know what happens when we miss a few doses of the PI's) So, last week,  I wrote Boceprevir, right on my stomach, so when the nurse went to give me my Inf shot, there was my note, plain as the belly-button on my tummy!
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i use post-its on my fridge.  since i have to cook for my family i always see my notes.  it works for me.  take care.  belle
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Is there someone who can help you ? Can you set an alarm ?
What if the calendar was on the fridge, would that help ?
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