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can-do-man couldn't this time

Hello all, not around here much anymore so most people might not remember me. And most people who do try to forget me. :) Just found out that i relapsed. Disappointed sure, shocked no. As i'm sure not alone in the relapse class. knew the odds was very much against me. Time to figure out plan B now.

Hope the gals around here have been behaving. (not really)

For all the people who is in tx. or getting ready to start don't let this discourage you as alot of people beat this thing. And soon i think we all will.

Now back to misbehaving as i have more fun that way.

Can-do who can but couldn't this time but will.
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aaaah shoot, our friend Ina had mentioned that she couldn't get a hold of you lately, and she was worried about this, just wishing you the best....and there will be a plan B that will work for you, like so many others...miss your humor around here too...be well Canny Man....
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I don't know what to say. Hopefully the time on the tx drugs has bought your liver a little time. You probably need a rest now, but have you looked into any of the Vertex trials? It was really good to see your name on the board but not like this.

All the best,

-- Jim
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OH no..........I"m so sorry my friend I had wondered what happened to you since you didn't post or email me anymore.

I'm so sorry for this news - oh man that just sucks.  Have you been looking into one of the trials or doing an extended treatment at all?  It did work for Kalio and I and we were really lookin' like we wouldn't get SVR ever if you remember.......

Oh I'm so sorry.  You've always been one of my very favorite people on here and I am just so saddened.  I was sure you'd made it through just fine and were out there enjoying life and had no reason to post at all.

Plan B has worked for MANY of our friends in here as you've seen so don't you dare give up.  It was so great to see you had posted - but not like this.

I hope you hang around and chat with us again - we could always use your wonderful personality and attitude in here regardless of anything.

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I'm very sorry to learn about your news. I was so hoping that you'd beat the odds. Good luck, Mike
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Forsee, thanks and have you took the plunge yet? And how are the california girls doing? Seen the beach boys a few weeks back. Oh geez not the same as 30 years ago. :)

Jim, good to see your still around. Hope all is well, hope you gave up creame de what stuff, You had be worried. Any suggestions?

Angel, hope all is well and glad your not behaving, its to late in life to change us now. :) As for plan B don't know????????

NY girl, How in the heck have you been? I haven't been around to drive you any more crazy then what you are.:) As for extended tx. I did a total of 86 weeks so i guess i need to try something new.

Thanks people, i got alot of laughs here....... Now back to being bad.:) Want any ice-cream little girls?


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Thanks mike, you been there and more. Hope all is still going good for ya.
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