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cant decide whether to treat

Have had hep c for 22 years. I feel good. I have been thinking about treatment for the longest time. I just had by biopsy on mOnday havent gotten results yet. I have been weighing the pros and cons for a year and just cant decide whether to treat. Ive been reading and reading and reading and so many people after treatment are worse off than before. I dont think I can ever come to a decision. For example everyone says Ive had this disease for 37 years..Im still here...or someone else will say after all these years we will all die having hep. WHy put poison    in our bodies and get 3 more diseases when we only have one now??? On the other hand some have cleared and are well.
ANd others say there is NO CURE for hep c this is just a new drug thats been around for a few yars and people want it out of their body. Well I do too. But at what risk? I am so tired of thinking about this...I cant function anymore just thinking and trying to make a decision....I have a viral load of 8 million, just had liver scan which was normal and for the first time my alts are normal in the last two years (which I find strange) since they have been elevated the last 20 years? I feel so sick with making the wrong decision and like I said I have been trying to make a decision for a year. I feel so mentally sick I cant function here in the office, I dont even want to get in the car and drive. I have had NO life.
WHy are so any people suffering year or two after treatment? why cant they get out of bed? They felt fine before? ANd I know there are sucess stories...but but outweighs what??

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Just think your question is a bit premature, first find out what your biopsy says...I'm wishing you the best of luck, and I'm glad that you were able to take it okay, I remember you had some anxiety, as we all do...go out and do something fun is what I think, those results will come soon enough and you'll have time to decide what youre going to do soon enough...
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also forgot to say, whatever your biopsy says, are you the type of person that can live with the virus? many people can't, whether they have excellent excellent labs and biopsy scores, etc etc...you gotta factor that in too...please let us know the results, have my fingers crossed for you...be well in whatever you decide to do with your doctor...
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  8 million is high......I'm assuming that your talking to a doctor,if so what does he/she say?????
   I have a question, are you having night sweats???
Before I was diagnosed, I felt great and was doing a very arduous workout regimen plus going to works doing construction.....But I was having night sweats for about a year and didn't know why until I got diagnosed...Now I know that my body was fighting the infection.......
    Now I'm no doctor,but it seems that with an active virus load of 8 million,which is a problem because its the active virus that causes damage.....Some people on here I have seen recommend not tx'ing,which is perplexing to me and doesn't make a lick of sense....I think the point is to reduced the chances of damage,by eliminating the active virus...And if in fact you have had a biopsy...I guess you'll find out for sure.....
       Just for example, When I was dx'd, I had a 12.5 millions copies.......The doc told me that he could do a biopsy,but why...I have a confirmed 12.5 millions copies, HERE'S YOUR SIGN!
   I'm glad I tx'd...........even with all the bad sx......I'm still glad.......It's been hard...
   Don't overwhelm yourself with over thinking and worrying.....Just like my old platoon sergeant used to say " You ain't gotta like it,You just gotta do it" ....lol
Keep your chin up......Strap in and hold on.......You have alot of support here.
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8 million IU/ml equals 6.9 log. Remember when comparing viral loads, logs make more sense.

From what I heard a low viral load can be equally dangerous as a high. That is why we need to have a biopsy to see the true state of our liver.

The difference between a high and a low baseline viral load is that the SVR rate is higher for low viral loads. It is more common to get an RVR (UND at week 4) with a low viral load. But if you do get an RVR the SVR rate is looking good for both high and low viral load.

The optimal cut-off point for low viral loads seems to be considered 400'000 IU/ml nowadays, that is 5.6 log.

I understand that as long as you are considered to have a high viral load, it does not matter if it is 1 or 8 or 25 million IU/ml.
25 million = 7.4 log
8 million = 6.9 log
1 million = 6 log
The difference is not that great. Also a variation of less than 1 log of viral load does not indicate an actual change, it is within the range of the test to differ like that.
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no night sweats...however from the anxiety I have been sweating.
I have lived with this since 1984. Now Im freaking!!!
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no night sweats...however from the anxiety I have been sweating.
I have lived with this since 1984. Now Im freaking!!!
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