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computer guru???

question for the guru's.  I am typing on a laptop and quite often I end up typing in the middle of the previous sentance.  I am not hitting anything, the cursor is not set to be super sensitive.  This is rather a new problem and it is to the point where I hate to type.

Denised firewood on the porch..................

EXAMPLE--this morning I fed the dogs, cleaned the kennel, collected eggs, fed the horses, loade

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Does it happen on battery or only plugged in? If the latter it could be an electrical problem and you might try a surge protector.

BTW I've had a similar problem and never really figured it out, just went away on it's own. My guess is that it is keyboard related and something was sticking.

You can also try some computer housekeeping with some free adware programs like "SpyBot", "Adaware" or "Malwarebytes anti-malware.  A good overall program that you have to pay for is "Desktop Maestro" which also has a registry cleaner. And, of course, checking for virus is always a good idea.

-- Jim
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The laptop is always plugged in.  I run Norton 360 and have tried a few other free spyware programs but they never found much so I took them off to save space.  I am a freak about viri and spyware and try (do) make sure norton is updated even tho it is supposed to be automatic.  I have Quickbooks Pro on this one for now and it is a huge program with a lot of data from the business.  Hubby gets this one back when we get some money in here and I get the new one LOL

Denise    BTW it is on a surge protector
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Try it on battery before giving up and if it's on warranty ask for a new keyboard.
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You might be accidentally hitting a key with your hands (not fingers) or touching the pad. it happens to me often, especially when I am typing lying down.
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Did you restart? Sometimes computers just get confused and need a swift kick.
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You might wanna try a different keyboard or it may even be the mouse...if its not those two,its a software problem..it maye a virus,your operating system may need reinstalling if all else fails...of it mabe just you...sometimes my elbow hits a key and my cursor jumps around
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Rocker, how in the world does your elbow reach the keyboard when you are typing?

Marcia, I thought of that so I tried it very carefully with my 2 fingers and it did the same thing.

GBird, I will restart tonight.

Thanks    Denise
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Actually its my chair arm that hits the keyborad,not my elbow...LOL...when i pull out my borad from the tray,its slides just under my keyboard...did you try running different spyware and virus scans?
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yes I ran a few different scans including the one you suggested to someone else, I am kind of a freak about that, both businesses are on this puter and it would be a nightmare to have to put it all back in......................come to think of it, when I try to burn a backup disc it shuts down windows explorer..............that is 2 things, not a good sign

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I've had this problem on several laptops when my wrist (applies pressure) lays in a certain position next to the touchpad without touching the pad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many people at work have same problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just re position my right wrist when typing!!!!!!!! Wow, come to think of it, I don't remember it happening with my left wrist!!!!!!!!!!! I have typed on other peoples laps at work with those little foam wrist rest and did not have that problem!!!!!!!!!!! When doing meds and it happened I wanted to smash the laptop into the wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to be more ergonomic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I honestly am not touching the touchpad.  After all this time I still type with 2 fingers, fast but 2 fingers.  So I have to look at the keyboard and lately I have been paying great attention to what I am doing.  I just hope this puter doesn't crash.  My Quickbooks program doesn't let me go to a lower operating system such as windows 98 which is what my PC is.  I can go from 98 UP to vista but not from Vista to 98.  Thanks for posting

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A really good online scanner is Housecall...its free and you dont have to install any software..its owned by Trend Micro


just click on the free version....if you have a virus...this will find it and remove...its safe ...do to google and see the reviews first if you like
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You may want to back up you stuff too...i have my stuff on external hard drives
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I said in my post that it happens without touching the pad, it happens when you rest your wrist/arm/hand next to the pad or edge near pad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not a virus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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sorry, I read too fast sometimes
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Most likely, the operating system thinks there was a mouse click.  The system would then place the entry point for the next character typed where ever the curser happened to be sitting.

Wish I could tell you where the click is coming from.  If it is a laptop, it is probably coming from the touch pad.
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What browser are you using?  I'm grasping at straws here, but some sites require Internet Explorer. This one isn't one of them, at least in my experience.  I use Firefox almost exclusively, until a site won't take my input.  Chances are good that if I switch to IE, the submit works.  Not all browsers play nice with all sites.  Firefox is a so-called "well behaved browser".
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Annie, I use IE.  Actually the cursor problem is not as bad as the inability to use my backup.  That problem has to do with windows explorer and it seems that is a vista problem.

Andiamo, I tried moving the cursor to an unobtrusive spot, didn't work LOL

Rocker, I ran that viri program.........nothing.  BUT I found a microsoft site that is discussing the windows explorer problem and a lot of the people had different trojans.  Many of the people used spybot search & destroy.  I checked my programs for the different things that were mentioned and I don't have any of those.  I was able to backup by dragging to a disc.

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With all this discussion about virus or not, maybe a squirt of peg into the keyboard is worth a try if you have some xtra. BTW if you have had it with the computer, I'd be willing to trade you an ergonomically interesting bed for it.
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rotflmao!!!!  This is hubbies puter, mine is a dinasour and slow and stuck on my desk cause it is not a laptop.  The new one WILL be mine LOL.  

I honestly think I did something last night cause is is not jumping around (the typing) like it was but I am rather scared to try to back anything up yet, I'll try that a little later........after the shower after I pick up my new glasses and after I go wish Dad happy birthday, and prolly after I cook dinner
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