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cooking fish

I have been a vegetarian for the past 25 yrs, and now I want to learn how to cook fish.  I have tried a couple of times and it keeps coming out dry.  I do get fresh wild caught.  
Does anyone have any tips on this?
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Maybe you're cooking it too long. Over cooking will dry anything.

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Maybe they are just dry fish after you take them out of the water.
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What method are you using, Baked, Grilled, Fried,Blackened,? The thickness of the fish matters also (whole or fillets). It doesn't take long to over cook fish.
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I'll stop n for supper as soon as you figure out how to cook that fish. Hey what kind of fishies are you trying? hun NM I bet seafood is limited, I like samon on the grill cooked quickly still slightly pink in the middle, red snapper on grill or in pan, I like Cod battered and fried like H-salt fish and chips. Shark broiled or grilled Catfish blackened in the broiler or fried w cornmeal and so on. It does not take long to cook most fish, Seafood can be eaten raw like sushi, but the samon has to be poached because of parasites .Hey you should talk to Philbert too a seafood or fish business man,. Good luck with the fish. Enjoy- 0h I thinki my last batch of catfish was under cooked- Oh well
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I like salmon (wild caught only, please) sorta poached on the grill.  Put it in foil with a lot of liquid and not too close to the fire.  Check it early and take it off before you think its fully done because it continues to cook for a while.  I like it medium-rare  Its really nice with a dill sauce made with Greek yoghurt.  I cook tuna and swordfish the same way.  Swordfish is good with some pesto.  They are all good for you, especially the salmon if you stay away from the farmed-raised.
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Well, I cooked halibut and researched because it has so little fat you have to protect it, either bread it, wrap it in foil,  I just put a topping on it and put it in a too hot oven.  
Salmon is fattier so there is a little more leeway, but I'm gonna protect em from now on.
I'll keep trying.  
I used to work on a commercial fishing boat off half moon bay, and I'll tell you them waters are over fished.  
My tummy is better these days, but I do get queasy more easily.
Just had a blood draw today to check the bilirubin, hgb from 2 wks ago.
6 more weeks to go.....
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fish should be internal temp of 145 degrees, buy fairly thick piece of fish and use an instant read thermometer. unfortunately the wild salmon can be more dry than farm raised. cooking in foil or parchment called en papillotte is a good way to prevent drying if u can get the timing right. fish should go from translucent to opaque and just begin to flake to be done. i love my george forman grill. i take a piece of salmon let it sit in favorite salad dressing for 15 min at room temp and cook about 6-8 minutes. this is for a piece of 1/2 inch thick salmon or swordfish. flat fish; sole flounder etc. are trickier so they are often folded  or rolled to make thicker and prevent dryness.
end of lesson number one. good luck.

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great lesson thanks.
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thank goodness for menopause
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Do the foil wrap or put in an oven proof dish with a top, put in some lemon juice, white wine and tarragon or cook it Asian style with pineapple, ginger and coconut milk, cook until it flakes with a fork. Serve with rice and a green salad. Or of course, you can grill it.
Any other questions??
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You wrote "Swordfish is good with some pesto.  They are all good for you, especially the salmon if you stay away from the farmed-raised."

Since you know to stay away from farm raised frankenfish I am surprised that you would eat mercury laden swordfish - one of the most polluted fish you could have.  Not a good choice.
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I've used orphanedhawk's method for years and have never had dry fish regardless of type. One way I like white fish fillets (usually sea bass) is to wrap small fillets in potato slices (thin slices with a potato peeler), season with lemon pepper (or whatever) and cook them in a cast iron fry pan with butter. The potato cover traps in the moisture and crisps -very tasty and looks fancy! :) ~MM
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swordfish and other large fish that eat small fish are definitely not the healthiest. wild salmon in season is good and can be found around here for a while at a reasonable price. most of the year it is $15-$20 per pound. it is not easy to find safe fish that tastes good any more. it is sad for us on the east coast. not sure it how it is out west. for the short time i lived there produce was exceptional and reasonably priced. fish was lovely but that was before we knew what we know now and before waters were quite so polluted. i had forgotten the potato crusted. blackening with rubs and spices is good too. glad your diet is expanding.
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Here's what you do's !!  ceader wood cooking. get piece ceader wood from the hardware store 1/2 inch are 3/4 thick 14 to16 inch long 5/6 wide.Fill a 5gallon bucket with water , put the wood in, letting it soak for a hour are longer. remove the wood pat dry . Spray on stick on wood . put fish sin side down , a little oilive oil rub on fish. Now rub a season on the fish.there are a lot difference flavors old bay is good rub,..Now stick in the firge, Get bar-e- que fire up gas low heat carcoke just turn white. Now lay fishwood on About 45 mins foil if you want to !!! Rice, spare glass vegs !!!!
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