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cracked corners of lips hurts bad

Im on treatment for hep c and have had a lot of side effects come and go, lately Ive been experiencing cracked corners of my mouth and its very painful not to mention embarassing and ugly, did anyone else experience this while on treatment and if so what can I do to make it go away or somewhat better?
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Oh yeah its caused by the meds and alot of us has went through that, myself i found that using blistex to keep my lips moist took care of it......... Best to you.

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One of the gals in here previously mentioned using Vagisil for this. Yeah, yeah I know; but she said it worked...

Interferon tends to do weird things to our skin; muddle through it, and it'll go away after your done. Good luck--

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Yup....that was me.  I must have gotten the idea from someone here because even on tx, I couldn't have come up with that, lol!

But, yes....Vagisil worked for me.
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I posted a question on mouth sores during treatment a few days ago and got great responses. Went to the doc and his answer was just hang in there for the last few weeks. Have been using mouthwash which tingles a little bit!! Also using Oral B Amosun which seems to help.
Good luck and Hang in there. I'll be over soon.
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You could try products with lysine in them. I use something called super lysine from the health food store.
Try to stay away from acidic foods to keep them from coming back although  the meds are to blame.
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I have had the mouth sores, very dry skin, and dry eyes. I told my friend about the mouth sores. She had a severe brain injury many years ago and told me that during recovery she would get sores from thrush which I never had before, but heard the sores were like that. She told me the dr had her gargle with water and white vinegar (just a little).

The idea was to change the ph of the mouth. I've done this with rice vinegar because that's what I had in the house and strangely enough it went away. it actually felt soothing, did not burn. Maybe it will help for you. - Good luck- Dave
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